I have to make a significant correction. The wiki's use of these images does not break the law (at least not the laws in America). ESB and FANDOM as a whole are protected under fair use laws. The fair use laws say that ESB can use the images because it is an encyclopedia, which falls under its jurisdiction. This is supported by the fact that no one here claims that they made the image or that they own the image. Everyone here knows that Nickelodeon owns the episodes as a whole. Any legal issues would come from the source of an image. If the image comes from a YouTube video of someone filming their TV for an entire episode or from an unlicensed streaming service, then it would be piracy. Otherwise, legitimate sources like DVDs and digital downloads are protected under the fair use laws. If any images on this wiki have been removed or requested to be removed via Nickelodeon or Viacom, they were done so wrongfully.

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