Hi all,

As part of the 20th anniversary suggestions, it was suggested we, as a community, rank episodes. Let's start doing that now!

We'll be collecting everyone's top 10 list of episodes. This is so we can create an overall top 10 list for ESB!


  • Users will post their top 10 list in this thread
  • The only messages that should be in this thread are top 10 lists, no other comments please
    • No editing lists please, your first one should be final
    • Only one list per user
    • No joint places, eg, no episodes tied at joint 1st
    • Any questions, please post a message on my wall, not here
    • Any off-topic messages will be deleted
  • This thread will be open for 1 week then it will be closed to tally up results
  • Results will be announced in the 10 days leading up to the anniversary date, May 1 - one episode per day

In terms of format, each list should be posted vertically and in ascending order, like so:

  1. Episode
  2. Episode
  3. Episode
  4. Episode
  5. Episode
  6. etc

Thanks all and have fun! :)

EDIT: if any new episodes air after this thread is closed that displace episodes in your current ranking, you can post on my wall a refreshed ranking so I can adjust the tally.

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