Here’s how this works: in the chat name your 3 favorite episodes from this season (including episodes you haven’t seen but like the plot of) first place on your list gets 3 votes. Second place on your list gets 2 votes. 3rd gets 1. Please make your list going down like this

1: Pineapple RV

2: The Krusty Chum

3: FarmerBob

At the deadline (March 1) I will count up the votes and we will rank the revealed and aired season 12 eps worst to best

Episodes you can choose from:


The Nitwitting

The Ballad Of Filthy Muck

The Krusty Slammer

Stormy Weather

Gary’s Got Legs

Pineapple RV

Gary & Spot


Broken Alarm

Boss For A Day

Mind The Gap

Karen’s Baby

K-K-B-N-B (Working Title)

Sandy’s Nutty Neices

King Plankton

Plankton’s Old Chum

Spongebob’s Big Birthday Blowout

Vote in the comments of dis

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