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It has been suggested that Blow Torch be renamed to Blowtorch. The reason given was: Squiditis and Demolition Doofus (credits); File:Demolition Derby artwork-10.png, File:Demolition Derby artwork-13.png.

Blowtorch is an octopus who appears in the episode "Demolition Doofus" and the book Demolition Derby. He is one of seven characters who compete in the Demolition Derby.


He is a large, dark lime green octopus. He wears a purple bandanna over his eyes and a white T-shirt. He also drives a large, blue boat with a bumper that looks like one from a train in the front, turbo engines in the back, and the number "6" in red text on the side. Blowtorch can breathe fire, hence his name.

Role in episode

He first appears when Captain Lutefisk introduces him at the beginning of the Demolition Derby. He shares a laugh with the Kruncher after seeing SpongeBob pull up. He attempts to crash into SpongeBob, but ends up getting his face run over by the latter. He tries one last attempt to crash into SpongeBob, but fails and ends up colliding with a lifeguard's boat, losing the Demolition Derby.


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