• Mavnol333

    Episode 1 Review

    June 2, 2020 by Mavnol333

    I bet you guys didn't expect this. As you probably know, I released my entire series ranking just a few days ago, and I was initially going to just make another review requests blog so you could know the reasoning behind some of my opinions. However, I thought, "why not give reasoning behind all of my opinions?". I asked a couple of people on Discord what they'd rather have me do, and most people wanted me to review every episode, like a couple of users are already doing. Anyways, with that out of the way, here's my review of the 1 trio.

    Ah, the first episode of the series. I remember when I was 8 years old and watched this episode on DVD. Like most SpongeBob episodes I watched at the time, I loved it! Do I still love it today? Well, let's …

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  • SpongeBob ArmorPants


    June 2, 2020 by SpongeBob ArmorPants

    I think I'll be retiring because there really isn't much to do here as with Doctor Patrick and others and see no need to stay here I may come back later but for now its the best I leave and many problems for example drama, RFD's wars, and more (some are listed on other people's blogs so something) and really I can't take this anymore I have to leave, peace to everyone.

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  • JoJoMKWUTeam

    Jokes aside, this fansite is dying quickly. Quicker than you can say ravioli! Many users are leaving this as it doesn't seem to be a "wiki" anymore. And yes it is not. Even with me retiring, I still want to see an update of how this wiki is going... and it seems no good. Over the course of May, I was slowly getting more inactive and more inactive... and wow... This wiki seems like it's at Rock Bottom. All SpongeBob wikis are at Rock Bottom. Many are leaving ESB because:

    1. Many friends and acquaintances are leaving...
    2. The expanded drama that I wish not to discuss...
    3. Forums taking over the wi- I mean fansite's database... therefore, ruining its "WIKI" or "ENCYCLOPEDIA" status.
    4. Discussions are trying to take over Forums or vice versa causing a war,…
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  • Peachy4872

    What's up, everyone! It's Peachy4872, and I'll be re-doing my Season 1 review! Here's my rating scale:

    Rating (simplest) Rating (simple) Rating (specific)
    ' ' '
    ' '
    ' '
    ' ' '
    ' ' '
    ' '

    Number Name {Collapse} Rating
    1a Help Wanted '
    1b Reef Blower '
    1c Tea at the Treedome '
    2a Bubblestand '
    2b Ripped Pants '
    3a Jellyfishing '
    3b Plankton! '
    4a Naugthy Nautical Neighbors '
    4b Boating School '
    5a Pizza Delivery '
    5b Home Sweet Pineapple '
    6a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy '
    6b Pickles '
    7a Hall Monitor '
    7b Jellyfish Jam '
    8a Sandy's Rocket '
    8b Squeaky Boots '
    9a Nature Pants '
    9b Opposite Day '
    10a Culture Shock '
    10b F.U.N. '
    11a MuscleBob BuffPants '
    11b Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost '
    12a The Chaperone '
    12b Employee of the Month '
    13a Scaredy Pants '
    13b I Was a …

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  • SuperJoeyBros9

    Were losing ever moar users lately, discus what you think about this in the comments

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  • SwagM

    SpongeBob SquarePants is an interesting show in that it has episodes! And not just one, not just three!

    But which ones are the best? Well as I am the expert on quality allow me to say which ones are the best.

    This episode is a good one, it has funny jokes and Squidward wins.

    This is quite the interesting episode, so y'know the last episode had funny jokes? This one also has funny jokes however it has something the previous episode didn't, Squidward wins!

    Ok this episode is quite cool, it as made in season 2 and it contains funny jokes like Squidward winning

    This episode is also very awesome, becau- explosion sound

    What the heck was that?

    Looks out the window and sees a masked man





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  • SpungiBub

    Goodbye for Good

    June 2, 2020 by SpungiBub

    Guys I hate to admit it but I'm going to have to finally leave ESB permanently. I have a lot to deal with IRL right now and I can't handle even checking this wiki anymore. I've enjoyed you all so much and hope you guys can at least somewhat enjoy the rest of your time on ESB. Why I'm leaving I don't feel like talking about...if I ever feel better, I'll edit this blog with more details. But for now, adios amigos.

    EDIT: It's okay guys I can come back now, I just had to wait for my Hot Pocket to finish cooking.

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  • WoofWoofGam3r


    June 2, 2020 by WoofWoofGam3r

    Guys, I'm sorry to say this, but I'm retiring from ESB. It's just not fun here anymore, and I would like to thank all of my friends here for making me feel happy here, it's been a great adventure and now, everyone's leaving, so I should too, there's a lot of mean people here and they make me sad and make me wanna leave so I have to do it. bye guys :(

    jk I'm not leaving because I found my glasses 

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  • Louis219

    Episode 88 Review

    June 2, 2020 by Louis219

    can we get an F in the chat for

    So, there isn't a whole lot I have to say about this episode. I like it, but it is an episode that I tend to forget about a lot, mostly because it isn't the most memorable. I will say that this episode's concept is pretty great, as it just shows how much Mr. Krabs loves money in a pretty creative way by him wishing that he could talk to money. I like how that when Mr. Krabs can finally talk to money, he ends up regretting it because they want to be spent, which makes sense because of his cheap personality. The song in this episode is kinda similar to the song from Selling Out, but it's still a pretty good song even if it isn't the most memorable. This episode is pretty good because even though it is kinds for…

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  • Squiddypop

    Small Wikibreak

    June 2, 2020 by Squiddypop

    Hey all, Squiddypop here, I Just want to say that i will be going on a Small Wikibreak from June 2nd to June 10th, This is due to all the retirements right now, they have put me in a really bad and drepessed mood, and i need some time to reflect on my life.

    But until then, this is Squiddypop, Signing off.

    See ya.

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  • Vemsa

    even though shuffleboarding is my least favorite epsiode, there are good things a bout it, such as;

    • undefined

    thank you for reading this blog post. i hope you have a wonderful day.

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  • SpungiBub
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  • GuyBesideYou3

    So, I know I said No Free Rides is my favorite episode, but every episode comes with problems. Here are the problems for No Free Rides

    • SpongeBob randomly gains a ton of points for crashing into stuff

    Well, that concludes my list, I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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  • SpongeTron D

    I'll stay for a few days as a test and if it's alright I will stay on ESB

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  • Peachy4872

    22,000 edits

    June 2, 2020 by Peachy4872

    I made 22,000 edits!

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  • Scrooge200

    Lately, ESB just hasn't been fun anymore. Most of my friends are leaving. Hurt and Heals have become repetitive. I don't like discussions. Reviews are getting stale. Spam has become even more prevalent. There's a never ending battle between RFDs. I've found myself getting frustrated more easily, and I don't enjoy editing now.

    Seeing everyone retire today, especially Dededeletethis and Doctor Patrick, I began wondering: "Why should I stay on ESB if I don't like it anymore?" Now, I realize that I do not have to. There are other wikis I can edit. Better things I want to spend my time on.

    I'm only semi-retiring because there is a small chance I will return in a year or so. Maybe most of these problems will have cleared up by then. But for now, I…

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  • Dolectro

    my profile page

    June 2, 2020 by Dolectro

    i finally fixed my profile, now its a regular profile page

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  • QuinnSponge

    Again, Retirement

    June 2, 2020 by QuinnSponge

    I gonna have to say I'm gonna retire July 24, I said this once back on May 20 but I think it's time to leave for real. 2 Months from now I will probably be gone. I will still look at Season 12 and maybe come back for 1 day so I can see what has changed. I only have been ESB for 4 months but that's a short history. I Will Stay forever 

    ​​​But here is the infobox:

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  • SpongeTron D

    sadly, this really is happening and this really is not like the other two times. Both times I had too many awesome friends that I couldn't go but Dedede, Doc, and StM8 are now gone plus I'm back at school tomorrow and like Doc said, I need to put my reality life first. I be here for a few hours but I'll be gone after that.

    I'll still be on discord if you want to talk to me. 

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  • This account was made on September 17 2019

    Going to stop my review series until June 17. Don't ask why.

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  • CarlTheManager

    Get ready for a tasty S4 review tomorrow. Sorry for not being able to post one of these everyday. However, my summer break starts in like two weeks, and once it starts, I'll be able to make these everyday.

    Premiered on March 31, 2007.

    Written by Luke Brookshier, Tom King and Steven Banks.

    Highlight: SpongeBob and Patrick as bikers.

    SpongeBob and Patrick think that vicious bikers are coming to Bikini Bottom.

    I'm surprised that this episode gets as much love as it gets, because I really don't like it.

    This episode has a lot of problems, because the only real good things are the concept and a couple of jokes, but this episode's structure is pretty messed up. There's a lot of stuff I just don't understand about this episode, and one of them is the t…

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  • The gamer 987654321

    I am writing this to have a bit of a moan / rant about how the administration and friends are purposefully bypassing a vote of the community. I have noticed a few instances of this since I became active on this wiki again. I will list a few below.

    The following four project pages were all abolished through admin discussion (or possibly unilateral decision from a certain bureaucrat, but I can't prove that): ESB:Report user, ESB:Report a problem, ESB:Requests for protection and ESB:Requests for unprotection. None of these had proposals created to confirm that the wider community wanted them abolished.

    I see a few problems with decisions being made solely through admin discussion on a wiki of this size with so many regular contributors who are …

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  • Squiddypop

    1. many users (big and small) are retiring.

    2. an unbelievably large amount of drama.

    3. the anything thread, (and many other forum games), being moved to the discussions

    4. the death of discussions (caused by drama, trolls, spam and off-topic posts)

    5. large bouts of inactivity.

    6. and some other small things personally.

    (Note: i am not retiring, in case you thought that)

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  • Dededeletethis


    June 1, 2020 by Dededeletethis

    I never thought this day would ever come but unfortunately, that day is happening right now.... I'm retiring from ESB... I just think my time is up for this wiki and I just feel like I need to move on to something else at this point. I haven't exactly been liking the environment recently with everyone retiring, even one of my best friends on this wiki, Doctor Patrick.... And yes him retiring did factor into me retiring from the wiki for now. But, no I will not get Anthony to block me, cause I don't want to just leave forever for sure cause I still want to come back to this wiki in the far future if I ever feel like coming back... So I might return someday back to this wiki, perhaps it will have improved by then and I would like it as much …

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  • Jrbttte

    june 12 is my birthday and i will not tell my age because privacy and i need to think of something to post that day

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  • Jrbttte

    The first known attempt to make a television adaptation of the Railway Series books was by the BBC in 1953. It was decided that Hornby Dublo models would be used and everything went ahead but the project did not succeed. During the live airing of the first episode, Henry derailed and a hand was seen coming down to put him back on the tracks. Nothing else is known to remain of this project. There have been several other attempts, however. The first somewhat successful run was on the children's show "Jackanory" in 1970. The Railway Series books were read out loud by host Ted Ray. Five books were read in all until 2nd October 1970. The current television series got its start in 1979 when the Reverend Awdry was interviewed on the Bluebell Rail…

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  • QuinnSponge


    June 1, 2020 by QuinnSponge


    This is an episode that has just been Realeased In "South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Southest Asia. Please do not continue reading if you wished not to be spoiled 

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  • Doctor Patrick

    Hi, everyone! It’s me, Doctor Patrick, and I have very sad news to share with you all. As most of you already noticed, I have had several problems with rewatching episodes recently. And that is for the reason that I have been very occupied lately, and I haven’t had a lot of time for the wiki at all. And whenever I decided to use ESB, it usually distracted me from doing more important things, like studying or keeping in touch with my classmates. And that is why I decided to leave the wiki for real now. Trust me, it is very hard for me and I am indeed very sorry that it had to happen, but I have a life to live, and this wiki is just getting into its way. I will never forget the nice times I had with you, but I think that this is the only goo…

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  • ScummiestoftheBoBs

    10. One Coarse Meal

    9. Out of The Picture

    8. SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout

    7. Plankton's Regular

    6. Stuck in The Wringer

    5. Whatever Happened to SpongeBob SquarePants

    4. The Krusty Bucket

    3. Plankton Paranoia

    2. The String

    And For Number 1.

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  • ScummiestoftheBoBs
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  • Louis219

    Episode 87 Review

    June 1, 2020 by Louis219

    Yeah, once again idk what to say here, I really am turning into Carl with these reviews.

    I don't hate this episode quite as much as some other people do, but let's just say that it pretty much sucks.

    One of the things that really brings this episode down is the plot. It's been shown during the series many time that SpongeBob loves Krabby Patties, but him having a relationship with a Krabby Patty is on a whole other level. This episode also does romance really wrong because the whole plot with SpongeBob falling in love with a Krabby Patty is just really weird and creepy. I sometimes like really weird plots but this episode just does this whole love plot in a really cheesy way. And then we have the song, which is pretty alright for the most pa…

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  • 0fflinejoe

    because wackie

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  • Twelvie981

    cd cassette brain

    June 1, 2020 by Twelvie981

    time to feed him time to feed him

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  • King Puma

    Hey guys!

    So you guys on discussions got told that there will be a new series by King_Puma called “SB Adventures!”

    Well, it’s getting put on hiatus rn because I’m going on a wiki breaks on all wikis that I’ve joined. Why? Because I’ve had bad health (not telling you which one.) and I’ve had less Interesting this wiki recently.

    This means discussions and editing on all of my wikis.

    I’m sorry to say this to b-but posting an interesting fact everyday is canceled till further notice because of my break.

    I hope to see you all later again. You can catch me on discord and other SM’s

    And who knows I might never come back...

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  • SwagM

    I'm Back! - SwagM

    May 31, 2020 by SwagM

    Hello everyone! I'm finally back!

    Basically for those that don't know, I was banned by the autoblock for some dumb reason, promptly unbanned but was still unable to edit for some weird reason.

    However today a moderator (KorraFanatic) made it so I can edit! Yay this is great!

    I have to say though, if there's anything I learned through this whole affair.....

    Autoblock sucks lol

    - SwagM

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  • CheeseCrocker


    May 31, 2020 by CheeseCrocker

    Time to dance boi

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  • SuperJoeyBros9

    im back

    May 31, 2020 by SuperJoeyBros9

    im back bois, sorry for being gone

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  • Bbernie14

    Series rewatch

    May 31, 2020 by Bbernie14

    I am rewatching the show 

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  • Mavnol333
    Anyways, here's my scale so you know what rating each color represents.
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '
    • '

    Now that all of that is out of the way, here is my series ranking and review of SpongeBob SquarePants!

    |-| Series Ranking =

    Thank you for the template!



















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  • Louis219

    Episode 85+86 Review

    May 31, 2020 by Louis219

    Alright, since I forgot to make a review last night, I'm gonna pull a Carl and make a double review. Four episodes to review, let's do this.

    This episode is one of the pretty amazing ones from season 5. Part of the reason why this episode works is the plot. I honestly find the plot here to be so bizarre that it's pretty great. This is another episode that shows how much SpongeBob loves work to the point that he wants to LIVE there. I also enjoy the scene with SpongeBob running to the Krusty Krab, it creates some good suspense and I like how Mr. Krabs isn't even mad at SpongeBob even though Krabs gets mad when he's ten seconds late in What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? but whatever.

    The rest of the episode is mostly just really funny. The ways …

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  • EverestMachine 4001

    There is a coronavirus reference in SpongeBob SquarePants (series)!

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  • This account was made on September 17 2019

    Oh noes wackie faces bad bad bad.

    I'm surprised a lot of people on this wiki hate this episode, because this is a really fun episode!

    First off, there's the general idea of this episode. While its idea can just be boiled down to "everyone turns into mutants," specifically Krabby Patty mutants, I think the idea of the Krabby Patty recipe changing to be "hip and new" is actually a very relatable concept, because obviously no one wants to eat the same type of food over and over, and they'd like to try something new. If there's one thing I dislike though, it's that the new types of Krabby Patty formula isn't actually revealed, so we don't know what these Krabby Patties are made of that cause the others to become mutants. Also, a new Krabby Patty…

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  • Bbernie14

    A new user

    May 30, 2020 by Bbernie14

    Hello my name is bbernie14. I am a new user here at ESB and that's all bye!

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  • Bbernie14

    Top 3 episodes

    May 30, 2020 by Bbernie14

    1. Frozen face off

    2. Sing a song of Patrick 

    3. Patrick's coupon

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  • Jrbttte

    a spam blog

    May 30, 2020 by Jrbttte

    haha just kidding this isn't spam im just bored e

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  • CarlTheManager

    Imagine thinking I will ever be able to make intros before literally getting to the end of the review series.

    Premiered on October 6, 2006.

    Written by Luke Brookshier, Tom King and Dani Michaeli.

    Highlight: The ending.

    SpongeBob and Patrick travel inside Squidward to retrieve his clarinet reed.

    Now, I know most of you are English speakers, so you probably not know this, but there's a Mexican cartoon reviewer that says this episode has "too much body horror". Yeah, imagine thinking this episode has too much body horror when the only thing remotely similar to body horror is the ending, which is in fact a fun gag. Even with that, I still don't like this episode. Yeah, it looks like S4's second half is starting to be worse than the first one, but l…

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  • Frenchie818


    May 30, 2020 by Frenchie818

    Read this blog made by Idroppedmypen!!!!!!!!! Spread the news! Also, can we convince her not to die?

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  • A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN's return

    Oh, I can't believe the day has come, but I've finally reached 10,000 edits!

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  • Spongy1619

    Hello. Spongy1619, here. I just got to play with my friends again, I think I will do it for the summer. That's when I usually just have more fun and just have more time off. The reason why I put down this message is because that it's getting really close to summer. I may go to the wiki sometimes but not really.

    I will still be here to make edits and have fun in the chat room. I will make comments on the we  episodes that are coming in July. I will probably take a wikibreak sometime in June. I think I will not come back in mid-July or maybe late August. But I'm still not very sure about that, yet.

    This time will just be the time to just have fun, swim at the park, and much more to do. I maybe of the wiki for 3 weeks or a month. I may be at my…

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  • EmilyHReturns

    I know that drama on ESB is something that's definitely not new and not something we should let affect our real lives, but there's been so so much going on lately here with this wiki that it's difficult to comprehend, and also to an extent, heartbreaking. 😢😔💔

    Aside from the usual drama of arguments, people fighting with admins over warning messages, chat spamming, edit warring over APM on articles, defying the staff, getting aggressive and argumentative about users and acting like they know everything about them, all the usual drama, there's one thing lately that's been greatly concerning to me and it's with her recent blog. No joke at all. This is actually a very serious situation that I and several others have expressed great concern ove…

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