BlackJack's house is the residence of BlackJack. It is located next to Blue SquarePants' House and appears in the episode "BlackJack."



The wooden house appears to have two floors. On the right, there is a roofed area. It has three windows and a wooden door. It also has three steps up to a porch. On the left of the house, there is a worm house that is made out of a boat and a concrete block. On the door, a doorknocker is a skull and a hand that looks like SpongeBob's with some bone sticking out.

It has a red brick wall with tan torn wallpaper. It also has two windows, a lawn chair, and a radio on a plank of wood that is held up by two concrete blocks. The floor and ceiling are made of wood. Next to the radio is a set of wooden stairs that lead to the basement.

Unlike the rest of the house that has appeared, the basement is in good condition. It has light blue wallpaper, a brown door with a golden handle, that has a metal frame. There is a table with an orange tablecloth covering it. It has a wooden ceiling and is on the ground.

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