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Bikini Times is a newspaper that appears in the episodes "Party Pooper Pants" and "Pranks a Lot," as well as the video game The Yellow Avenger.


Its only known comic is named The Wisenheimers and its only known news report is on "ghosts"; the name of that news report is "Town Scared!"

Role in series

"Party Pooper Pants"

SpongeBob reads the comics in the Bikini Times to his party guests, only for the guests to display boredom and suggest that he get up to date and read from the current paper, which he goes outside to get, only to end up locked out.

"Pranks a Lot"

SpongeBob and Patrick read the paper while they are invisible. Patrick on the other hand was reading it from the upside down. Mr. Krabs is one of the people included inside of the newspaper.

Role in The Yellow Avenger

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