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The Bikini Bottom prison guard is a prison guard who usually work at the Bikini Bottom Jail. Much like Incidental 118, his model often appears as duplicates as pairs in different colors. He debuts in "Doing Time."


He is a thin brown fish with tan fins and lips. He wears a prison guard uniform that consists of a white collared shirt with a blue tie, gray pants with a brown belt and a golden buckle, black shoes, a black prison guard cap, and a pair of black sunglasses.

Role in series

"Doing Time"

He and his orange variant make numerous appearances throughout the episode as Mrs. Puff's prison guards. They constantly get concerned about her freaking out whenever she sees SpongeBob and Patrick trying to break her out of prison. When Mrs. Puff finally goes off the deep end with her many freak outs, they finally decide to toss her into a solitary confinement room for a nice long stay.

"The Krusty Sponge"

His orange variant appears as a bailiff announcing the trial between Mr. Krabs and the people of Bikini Bottom who got sick from the Spongy Patties that he served them.

"Atlantis SquarePantis"

His orange variant appears as a guard at the Bikini Bottom Museum where Incidental 93 notifies him about Mr. Krabs charging her a toll to enter the museum.


He tosses a half eaten Krabby Patty in the trash which causes SpongeBob to throw him into the slammer.


Duplicates of his orange variant appears as prison guards when Plankton bands together with the other prisoners to break out of jail.

"The Getaway"

Two brown prison guards and one olive green prison guard appear at the Bikini Bottom Jail with Richard A. Bottomfeeder at the end of the episode where they send Sticky Fins Whiting and Dorsal Dan to prison.