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The Bikini Bottom Tar Pits is a prehistoric tar pit that is located in Bikini Bottom. It appears in the episode "Ditchin'."



There are no known inhabitants of the prehistoric pit, but there are fossils and bone structures that reveal that creatures from prehistoric times were there such as: dinosaurs, mammoths, etc.

Role in series

While escaping the Bikini Bottom Hug Festival, SpongeBob falls off a cliff and lands into the Bikini Bottom Tar Pits. SpongeBob, at that time, thinks that he only has minutes left before he sinks for good, as he was sinking slowly into the pit. While sinking, SpongeBob cherishes those last kind words that Mrs. Puff said to him. After SpongeBob sinks all the way in the tar, he quickly rises up and realizes that he has to return a bathroom key to Mrs. Puff.

SpongeBob gets out of the tar pits by pulling onto a prehistoric animal's tusk and climbing up a cliff.


  • The mammoth skull may be a confusion, as they never lived underwater.
  • This place is a parody of the Tar Pits in North America, where extinct skeletons are found.