Bikini Bottom School is one of the three public schools that are known to be in Bikini Bottom. The kids who are known to have attended it are Miss Rechid, Paco, Monroe Timmy, Tyler, Susie Rechid and Squidward Tentacles.




The school resembles an upright ship submerged halfway into the ground. There is a double door entrance with two windows on each side of the building. There is a sign that says "Bikini Bottom School" above the doors, and a window above the sign. There is a bell tower on top of the building and an anchor attached to the building. There is a playground outside with a swing set and a jungle gym.


Inside, there is tile flooring, and a bookcase filled with books near the corner of the room. Above it, there is a poster tacked onto the wall that has the letter "A" on it above a picture of an apple. There is also a chalkboard on the other wall, a music stand, and a floor tom-tom located in the room.

Role in series

"Krabby Land"

When Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob why he likes summer, the Bikini Bottom School is shown. A school bell rings and multiple children run out of it.

"Lost and Found"

When Squidward finds a kazoo, he remembers when he had one as a child. In the memory, it shows a young Squidward inside the Bikini Bottom School. He plays the kazoo off-key, causing the other people inside to run out, screaming.

Associated characters

  • Isabelle Fish - Student
  • Paco - Student
  • Monroe Timmy - Student
  • Tyler - Student
  • Susie Fishbowl - Student
  • Miss Rechid - Student
  • Susie Rechid - Student


  • Squidward Tentacles


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