The Bikini Bottom Prestigious Music College is a music college located in Bikini Bottom that appears in the episode "Professor Squidward" as the main location.




It is a very colorful building with colors such as yellow, green, orange, and blue, and has two eighth notes with two pink doors and a gray sign above it saying "Park in rear." The top is metal and has a blue sign that says the name of the college in purple and has an eighth note next to the sign. It also reads Bikini Bottom on the top left in red text on a yellow sign.


The inside of the building has a classroom with blue walls, and green flooring. There are multiple desks for students to sit in, and an orange teacher's desk at the front of the classroom. There is a chalkboard on the wall behind the teacher's desk. There are multiple posters along the walls of the classroom, and a clock on the back wall. There is a door that leads to a hallway.

Associated characters


  • Just like this location, Costume Supplies has a small sign on the building that reads "Parking in Rear."
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