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Not to be confused with the Bikini Bottom Museum or the Bikini Bottom Museum of Everything

The Bikini Bottom Museum of Boating is a boat museum in Bikini Bottom that Mrs. Puff's boating class take a field trip to in the episode "Nautical Novice." It also appears in the online game Can You Find SpongeBob?.




The Bikini Bottom Museum of Boating is a large cruise liner that has a rusty brown bridge with a red flag, two black and red funnels, and a dark blue hull with a pair of lights at the front, several dozen windows on each side of the ship, and an entrance. The right side of the ship has a yellow banner on it that reads the building's name in blue text.

The ship was once the largest active vessel in the ocean, but has since been converted into a boating museum. Despite its new purpose, the ship can still be driven, and is taken to port once a year for maintenance.


Inside the building, they have legendary and different kinds of boats and objects related to them, which Mrs. Puff describes as "the most extensive collection of seafaring history ever assembled." Some exhibits include ships such as the Sandy Nub and the Lady Scallion.

Role in series

"Nautical Novice"

As another school day ends at Mrs. Puff's Boating School, Mrs. Puff reminds the students that tomorrow will be a field trip to the Bikini Bottom Museum of Boating. SpongeBob decides to read The History of All Boating Ever... in order to impress Mrs. Puff on the field trip. When the class arrives at the museum, Mrs. Puff explains the museum's origins as the ocean's biggest boat, and how it has been converted into a museum. Once inside, Mrs. Puff tries to explain the exhibits to the class, but SpongeBob continually interrupts to talk about said exhibits, eventually causing SpongeBob to lead the tour instead of Mrs. Puff.

When the field trip ends, Mrs. Puff notices that SpongeBob is missing, and it’s revealed that he is in the museum's bridge. While looking at all of the various instruments, he accidentally turns on the museum's engine, causing it to start careering towards the center of Bikini Bottom. Mrs. Puff arrives on the bridge and tries to stop the museum, but the controls are too complicated for her. SpongeBob takes control, closing the museum's hatches and deploying the anchor, which he frees when it gets stuck. He then performs a reverse 7/20 tail spin, causing the museum to come to a halt before destroying the city.

SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff exit the museum, and Mrs. Puff is so impressed by SpongeBob's knowledge that she decides to give him his license. However, it is revealed that the museum was actually being towed to port by Incidental 107, so Mrs. Puff rips up the license. Frankie feels bad for SpongeBob and decides to give SpongeBob his honorary sea legs for his false bravery. The three leave to get ice cream, but SpongeBob realizes that the museum's lights are still on. He goes back inside to turn them off, much to the dismay of Mrs. Puff and Frankie.

The two try to run, but the museum suddenly flips upside down, crushing them. Mrs. Puff puffs up and breaks through the ship's hull, where she tells SpongeBob that it was a good thing he studied.

Can You Find SpongeBob?

The museum appears during the game's fifth question, where it is one of the wrong answers.

Associated characters

  • Incidental 107 - Caretaker


  • The Bikini Bottom Museum of Boating may be a reference to the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, California, as both feature every display on a large ship.
  • The Bikini Bottom Museum of Boating is taken to port once a year.[1]