The Bikini Bottom Mint is the location where all the money is distributed in Bikini Bottom, is created, and destroyed (in order to make more money). Mr. Krabs also takes a vacation here. Its first appearance is in the episode "Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation."




The outside of the Bikini Bottom Mint is very unique. It appears to look like a giant treasure chest. Unlike most places, it has a single door and a giant keyhole (which is only there is for the treasure chest-like design) and a giant gold coin in the middle. It also has a golden banner at the top that says "The Mint" on it in red with red colored stars that are also on the sides.


The Mint is very large inside with many machines. The designs inside look almost similar to a factory with a money press and coin maker. It even has a large machine that is used to burn old money but then remake them into newer money.

Role in series

The Bikini Bottom Mint serves as the main setting for "Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation." Mr. Krabs ended up taking SpongeBob and Pearl here to see the entire money making process. SpongeBob seemed interested but Pearl wanted nothing to do with it and she went to what is left of the Teenage Boy Museum (which was destroyed just earlier). As they enter, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob are greeted by Bill who is also helping out with a tour with others. Throughout the episode, as Bill is leading the tour, Mr. Krabs seems to always get into trouble nearly costing his life. First was in the coin press, SpongeBob pushed him out of the way and ends up smashed instead, turning him into many SpongeBob coins. Mr. Krabs then almost gets stuck by a large needle that makes the faces on the coins which, luckily, SpongeBob pushes him out of the way saving both of them. Mr. Krabs then breaks down after seeing the machine that burns money but is relieved that the charred paper gets turned back into newer money. Bill gets tired of them messing around and orders the guards to take them out of The Mint. However, two robbers are stealing the money and Bill quickly hides behind the crowd telling the robbers they can take whatever they want. As one of the robbers closes in, Mr. Krabs springs into action and with the help of SpongeBob (and using him as a weapon), he stops the two robbers and saves the day. Bill awards the two with dollar bills with their faces on them and Mr. Krabs takes both of them as payment for SpongeBob coming along his trip. However, Pearl takes both bills and uses them to buy shoes she was short on buying. Mr. Krabs cries after this ending the episode.

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  • The Bikini Bottom Mint is based off the United States Mint, which is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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