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Bikini Bottom High School is an educational facility in Bikini Bottom and serves as a primary center for higher education in the city. Pearl, Judy, and her friends are few of the students who attend the school. It appears in the episodes "Whale of a Birthday," "Barnacle Face," "Patrick-Man!," and "Life Insurance."




Role in series

"Whale of a Birthday"

It appears down the road from the Krusty Krab in this episode, and makes its first appearance. Pearl is talking to her friends at the school about her birthday.

"Barnacle Face"

A school dance is said to happening at this school.


Two kids come out of the school and tell each other that they both aced a test, as Patrick is watching them. Then, just before they do a high-five, Patrick (aka Patrick-Man) runs in and accidentally gets slapped by the two. Patrick says to the two kids that violence solves nothing, and just before one of the kids say that they weren't doing any violence, Patrick leaves since he's needed elsewhere.

"Life Insurance"

Squidward hits its bell after being fired from a cannon which the school's students come out, trampling Squidward.


  • "The String"- The high school was presumably destroyed when SpongeBob unraveled all of Bikini Bottom and the Milky Way with the string.


  • Oddly, in the episode "Whale of a Birthday," the High School is located right across from the Krusty Krab where the Chum Bucket should be.
  • In "Life Insurance," the school looks different.
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