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Bikini Bottom High School is an educational facility in Bikini Bottom and serves as a primary center for higher education in the city. Pearl and her friends are a few of the students who attend the school. It first appears in the episode "The Chaperone."



It is a dark red building that looks similar to a boat. It has yellow roofs, metal blue chimney pipes, metal blue sliding doors, a red, yellow, white, and blue flag on top, and a wooden sign on top of two poles and a roof that reads "High School" in white letters outlined in red.


The school holds proms and other meetings in its gym. In the book Just Say "Please!", Pearl and Mr. Krabs attend a "Parents Day" event in the gym, where Mr. Krabs meets Pearl's teachers and the janitor. As described in the book Dear SpongeBob, the students of Bikini Bottom High School sometimes perform in theatrical plays.


Role in series

"Whale of a Birthday"

Pearl is talking to her friends at the school about her birthday.

"Barnacle Face"

It appears in the beginning when Pearl realizes she has a barnacle on her face. A school dance is said to be happening at this school.


Two kids come out of the school and tell each other that they both aced a test, as Patrick is watching them. Then, just before they do a high-five, Patrick as Patrick-Man runs in and accidentally gets slapped by the two. Patrick says to the two kids that violence solves nothing, and just before one of the kids says that they were not doing any violence, Patrick leaves since he is needed elsewhere.

"Life Insurance"

Squidward hits its bell after being fired from a cannon of which the school's students come out, trampling Squidward.