The Bikini Bottom Folk Village is one of the top touring spots in Bikini Bottom that is mainly for "classy" people. It is shown in the episode "Clams." This is one of Squidward's favorite places in the entire Pacific Ocean. The main setting it takes place in is the 18th century in England.


Not very many buildings have been seen or known from the Bikini Bottom Folk Village, but the only known buildings are a white chapel with a clock tower, a yellow 2-story house and a white and red brick 3-story house with many bushes around it. The setting around the buildings show green grass, ripe green trees, old-style cobblestone roads, and clear blue skies. It appears to look very colonial as it is set in the 18th century.

Employee clothing

Though no employees have been seen at the Bikini Bottom Folk Village, it has been rumored that the clothing that SpongeBob, Squidward and Mr. Krabs wore in that short scene are also the same clothing the employees of the Folk Village wear to make the setting of the village more realistic. They are each dressed as a colonist.
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