The Bikini Bottom Department of Health or simply the Health Department is the health ministry of Bikini Bottom. Their role in society and the government is to ensure the safety and health of its citizens. The Health Department has appeared in many episodes.

Known Roles/Actions


Health Inspector Andy Yellowtail making sure the Krusty Krab is safe.

Its first appearance was in "Nasty Patty" where a health inspector examines the Krusty Krab for foods that may be unhealthy for public. When Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob assumed that he was dead after they assumed he choked on a bad Krabby Patty they gave him, thinking he was a fake health inspector, they attempted to bury him, but they couldn't let his body show up on the road next to the hill.

In "Friend or Foe," the Health Department marked its first mentioned appearance rather than a physical one. During the story that was being told by Mr. Krabs, the Health Department was mentioned, having closed down Stinky Burgers. The only burger joint in town which was a popular restaurant and a successful business was now replaced by young Krabs and Plankton's own restaurant.

A health inspector, possibly the same one from "Nasty Patty," makes a cameo in "The Krabby Kronicle." Reading about the papers SpongeBob wrote, he closed down the Chum Bucket. The reason for this action was to prevent people from eating chum made of their own kind and to stop meat of fish from being sold as a food.

Another major role and its fourth one was in "Greasy Buffoons." Because Krabs dumped his excess grease onto Plankton's yard, Plankton had added flavor to his products and inspired Krabs to do the same on his. The feud continued until SpongeBob called a health inspector, whom closed down both businessmen's unless they would clean the grease.



Two individuals who were shown in the series, that are part of the health department, are Health Inspector Yellowtail and an unnamed character in a hazmat suit.



The health department has a few possible associates. One notable possibility is the Bikini Bottom Hospital. Another example is SWAT team which also focuses on public health, but they will maintain control over diseases with higher risks like Ick. Sanitation Police, like SWAT team, has the responsibility of controlling and protecting public health. Weenie Hut General has been labeled as a hospital, hinting that there is an association between the two companies.

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