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Bikini Bottom Blaster is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.


Mr. Krabs has sent SpongeBob to deliver Krabby Patties to hungry customers throughout Bikini Bottom, but Plankton has sent robots to foil SpongeBob's efforts. The player needs to help defend SpongeBob against the robots. There are three types of robots that the player must destroy:

  • A weak robot that tries to get close to SpongeBob and explode
  • A robot that throws an oil barrel and rams into SpongeBob
  • A sturdy robot that flies around the screen shooting lasers at SpongeBob

The player starts with a pickle gun, which they can aim by moving the cursor and can fire pickles by clicking. The player can also collect upgrades to temporarily boost their weapon; collecting condiment bunches allows the player to fire three weaker projectiles at a fast rate, while collecting sporks causes the player to fire a large projectile that does huge damage. The player also has access to pineapple bombs, explosives that wipe the screen of enemies. The player can hold up to three at a time, and can activate them by pressing the space bar.

The game is endless, with the player trying to make as many deliveries as possible until SpongeBob is defeated. SpongeBob's health can be replenished by collecting hearts found along the route. As the player continues, the robots get stronger over time, with the robots getting much tougher at nightfall. When SpongeBob is defeated, Mr. Krabs will react depending on the score the player has.






SpongeBob Bikini Bottom Blaster


  • If the player gets a really high score, Mr. Krabs offers to share the tips with SpongeBob, marking one of the rare times that he is willing to share/give away money.