Bikini Bottom 2 is the first comic strip in SpongeBob Comics No. 6.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Sandy Evil-Cheeks (debut)
  • Barnacle Boy (debut)
  • Mermaid Man (debut)
  • Sheldon J. Plankton (debut)
  • Karen (debut)
  • Eugene H. Krabs (debut)
  • Patrick Man (debut)
  • Super SpongeBob SquarePants (debut)
  • Red SpongeBob (debut)
  • Blue SpongeBob (debut)
  • Green Patrick (debut)
  • Patrick Star
  • Plaid Patrick (debut)
  • Lobster Mr. Krabs (debut)
  • Muscular Gary (debut)
  • Wrestler Patrick (debut)
  • Wrestler SpongeBob (debut)
  • Wrestler Squidward (debut)
  • Werewolf Barnacle Boy (debut)
  • Werewolf Mermaid Man (debut)
  • Alternate Universe Robot SpongeBob (debut)
  • Seahorse (debut)
  • Bat Patrick (debut)
  • Bat SpongeBob (debut)
  • Baby SpongeBob (debut)
  • Baby Patrick (debut)
  • Bow Tie SpongeBob (debut)
  • Buck-Tooth Patrick (debut)
  • Buck-Tooth Squidward (debut)
  • Cat Squidward (debut)
  • Clown Squidward (debut)
  • Cyclops Patrick (debut)
  • Dr. Star (debut)
  • Fairy Patrick (debut)
  • Fairy SpongeBob (debut)
  • Fancy SpongeBob (debut)
  • Fancy Squidward (debut)
  • Farmer Patrick (debut)
  • Female Patrick (debut)
  • Fish SpongeBob (debut)
  • Four-legged SpongeBob (debut)
  • Frankenstein SpongeBob (debut)
  • Giant Plankton (debut)
  • Hairy Patrick (debut)
  • Jellyfish Patrick (debut)
  • Jellyfish SpongeBob (debut)
  • King Squidward (debut)
  • Knight SpongeBob (debut)
  • Mexican SpongeBob (debut)
  • Monkey SpongeBob (debut)
  • Mouse SpongeBob (debut)
  • Mr. Krabs SpongeBob (debut)
  • Mummy SpongeBob (debut)
  • Ninja Patrick (debut)
  • Vampire SpongeBob
  • Orange Bikini Sandy (debut)
  • Pirate SpongeBob (debut)
  • Primitive Patrick (debut)
  • Primitive SpongeBob (debut)
  • Red Bikini Sandy (debut)
  • Robot Patrick (debut)
  • Round SpongeBob (debut)
  • Small Mr. Krabs (debut)
  • Small Patrick (debut)
  • Small SpongeBob (debut)
  • SpongeBob Mr. Krabs (debut)
  • SpongeBob Patrick (debut)
  • Vampire SpongeBob (debut)
  • Viking SpongeBob (debut)
  • Villain Mr. Krabs (debut)
  • Western SpongeBob (debut)
  • Wizard Sandy (debut)
  • Other Alternate Dimension Versions of Sandy, Squidward, SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick


  • This comic strip holds the record for containing the most characters.
  • The roles of the characters in the Bikini Bottom 2 dimension are, in the order they appear:
    • Sandy is a villain named "Sandy Evil-Cheeks."
    • Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy own an unpopular restaurant, as there are no customers when SpongeBob learns about this, and Barnacle Boy seems to hate his job.
    • Plankton runs a restaurant named the "Cookie Bucket," with Mr. Krabs as his only known employee, and Karen is after the restaurant's Secret Cookie Formula.
    • SpongeBob and Patrick are a crime-fighting duo, with Karen and Sandy Evil-Cheeks as their only known enemies.


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