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"Bikini Bottom/Rock Bottom" is a 2005 song performed by SpongeBob and the Hi-Seas and released on the album The Best Day Ever.


SpongeBob: Way, way down deep beneath the sea,
A place that's home sweet home to me (Bikini Bottom),
There's nowhere like here anywhere,
There's magic in the salty air (Bikini Bottom).
Take off your shoes, relax your mind,
Jump right in, the water's fine (Bikini Bottom).
Then we go across the tracks! (Rock Bottom!)
Plankton: To hear some wailin' sax! (Rock Bottom!)
SpongeBob: Let's take a swingin' trip! (Rock Bottom!)
Mr. Krabs: To where it's non-stop hip! (Rock Bottom!)
SpongeBob: Where they stay up all night! (Rock Bottom!)
Squidward: The bottom's tops, alright!
SpongeBob: The coral reefs go on for miles,
Just pack some sandals and a smile (Bikini Bottom),
With endless beaches you can comb,
Then ride the gentle tide back home (Bikini Bottom).
Patrick: There's a place I know! (Rock Bottom!)
SpongeBob: Where all the fly fish go! (Rock Bottom!)
Sandy: Where the music's wild! (Rock Bottom!)
Squidward: Where the hair is styled! (Rock Bottom!)
Patrick: It's a swingin' town! (Rock Bottom!)
Mr. Krabs: Why don't you come on down?
SpongeBob: The perfect place to holiday,
And let your troubles melt away (Bikini Bottom).
When it gets dark down in the deep (Bikini Bottom),
Bikini Bottom goes to sleep.
[yawns] Goodnight. Gary.
Gary: Meow
(A loud snore can be heard)
SpongeBob: Uh, Gary, could you keep it down a little please
[sleeps until track ends]