Ah, there's nothing like the sounds of your own neighborhood.
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Bikini Bottom is the main hub area in the console versions of Battle for Bikini Bottom and all versions of Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated. Taxi stops are available to warp the player to the other levels in the game. The player can also explore various buildings in Bikini Bottom including the Krusty Krab, the Chum Bucket, Sandy's treedome, and Shady Shoals Rest Home.

After the player defeats Robo-Sandy, they can access the second part of Bikini Bottom as well as the SpongeBall power-up. After the player defeats Robo-Patrick, they can access the entirety of Bikini Bottom. Finally, after the player completes the Chum Bucket Lab, they can travel to the SpongeBall Arena at any time using the raised platform in front of the Police Station.

Rehydrated Changes

  • A picture of SpongeBob and Patrick has been added hanging over SpongeBob's living room chair.
  • Groceries have been added to atop SpongeBob's fridge.
  • A star has been added to the sink in SpongeBob's kitchen.


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Hidden within Bikini Bottom are eight Golden Spatulas and eight of Patrick's socks. The player can also find three pairs of golden underwear, each of which will permanently increase the health for all playable characters. Mr. Krabs and Patrick will also offer additional Golden Spatulas for trading Shiny Objects and socks, respectively.

On Top of the Pineapple

On Top of Shady Shoals

On Top of the Chum Bucket

SpongeBob's Closet

Annoy Squidward

22 - Are you ready now

Squidward in his house

Ambush at the Tree Dome

Infestation at the Krusty Krab

A Wall Jump in the Bucket

Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs will always be present in Bikini Bottom and allow the player to trade Shiny Objects in exchange for Golden Spatulas. Each exchange will cost more than the last, up to a maximum of eight Golden Spatulas. They are as follows:

  • Pay Mr. Krabs 3,000 Shiny Objects
  • Pay Mr. Krabs 3,500 Shiny Objects (6,000 in Rehydrated)
  • Pay Mr. Krabs 4,000 Shiny Objects (9,000 in Rehydrated)
  • Pay Mr. Krabs 4,500 Shiny Objects (12,000 in Rehydrated)
  • Pay Mr. Krabs 5,000 Shiny Objects (15,000 in Rehydrated)
  • Pay Mr. Krabs 5,500 Shiny Objects (18,000 in Rehydrated)
  • Pay Mr. Krabs 6,500 Shiny Objects (21,000 in Rehydrated)
  • Pay Mr. Krabs 7,500 Shiny Objects (24,000 in Rehydrated)


Patrick is always present in front of his rock house and will offer a Golden Spatula in exchange for ten of his socks, up to a maximum of eight spatulas.


Two attractions are available to the player in Bikini Bottom that aren't required to complete the game.

The first is the Police Station, where a device documents Bikini Bottom's Most Wanted: descriptions for all of the robots that the player has encountered and defeated at least once.

The second is a movie theater. The player must pay 40,000 shiny objects to enter. Once inside, the player can browse through concept art and general art for the game.


  • The movie supposedly showing at the theater is titled Revenge of the Bride of Plankton's Other Brain.
    • In Rehydrated, the title is changed to "Boats!"



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