The Bikini Badlands is a location that appears in the episode "Scavenger Pants."


It is a large desert that is marked with many cracks on the ground, as well as various skeletons and other assorted bones scattered about. It is very quiet and calm, and contains many canyons and cacti. It is also very windy, as shown in the episode.

It is the opposite of the Bikini Goodlands.

Role in episode

Squidward tells SpongeBob and Patrick to find the rare desert sandwich as the first item of their scavenger hunt. He tells them that it is found in the Bikini Badlands. SpongeBob and Patrick find a sign outside his house which gives a direction to the location, as well as the Goodlands.

The two travel to the Badlands instead. After traveling through it for a while, they are exhausted and extremely thirsty. However, soon after taking a rest, they are swept into a tornado of sand, which brings them back to Squidward's house. The sand witch, who was controlling the tornado, appears shortly after.
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