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Bigshot Records is a recording studio in downtown Bikini Bottom that appears in the episodes "Wigstruck" and "Sing a Song of Patrick."



The exterior is a tall white building which has four floors and reads the place's name in capital red text in the last two floors. To enter in the interior, there is a brown door in the front to open.


The office has mustard-yellow walls, a red floor, a brown desk, a large window, and golden records on a black decoration on the wall. In "Sing a Song of Patrick," it is made entirely of glossy, shiny light pink bricks.

Role in series


This is where Ned and the Needlefish go and where Ned is disqualified after his wig falls off and reveals his bald spot.

"Sing a Song of Patrick"

Bigshot Records takes up the recording of the song "I Wrote This" that Patrick sent for a competition. The members of an unnamed band who sing this song die immediately when ended with the recording and the song was ready afterwards.

Associated Characters

  • Ned and the Needlefish - signed band
  • Unnamed band - former signed band
  • Incidental 20