Best Joke Ever is the sixth comic of SpongeBob Comics No. 1.



SpongeBob and Patrick go to Squidward's house, wanting to tell Squidward a joke. Squidward doesn't want to hear it, but they ignore him. It's then up to the reader to choose how the joke is structured.

The reader must first choose one of the panels an arrow is pointing to, and they then have to choose the panel immediately above, below, left or right of the first panel, and then the reader chooses another panel and the process repeats. The reader can go any path they wish, but every joke needs to end with the bottom right panel, where SpongeBob finishes the joke.

Squidward then states it is the worst joke ever, and Patrick comments that SpongeBob forgot to say that something was wearing a funny hat.



Cultural references

  • One part of the possible joke involves Patrick saying that something started singing La bohème, a four part Italian opera from 1896.
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