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"We're not getting paid to clean stuff!"

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"The Best Day Ever" is a song sung in the episode of the same name. It is a musical about SpongeBob's "Best Day Ever." It is performed by The Bikini Bottom Players. It was performed at the Recreation Center after Squidward's Clarinet Recital.



Pre-play planning


  • SpongeBob SquarePants (director/writer)
  • Mr. Eugene Krabs (producer/stage manager/prop crewman)
  • Sandy Cheeks (stage help)
  • Unknown set designers
  • Unknown conductor
  • Unknown orchestra
  • Unknown lighting crew


  • Mr. Eugene Krabs


First, SpongeBob starts off at the Krusty Krab with his back facing the audience. Spat is in his hand. Mr. Krabs brings on a mobile grill. SpongeBob turns around, sings the first verse while cooking Krabby Patties. After, a new background curtain drops showing Sandy's treedome. SpongeBob pushes away the grill and Sandy jumps out on-cue. SpongeBob sings the next verse while pretending to do karate with her and gets ready to do a move, but Sandy then karate-kicks him into the next scene where Patrick is standing in Jellyfish Fields. Patrick points at jellyfish dancing along the stage. Shocked, Mr. Krabs yells backstage that the jellyfish were
Best Day Ever 25
not in the budget. SpongeBob hands Patrick the microphone and Sandy carries SpongeBob up by rope. Patrick gets stung by a jellyfish in the head, and new background curtain painted like an audience. Patrick then sings a solo while Squidward plays his clarinet. While Patrick sings, he insults Squidward in song. Of course, Squidward replies angrily. SpongeBob then swings on rope, wrecking a stage-light. Once again, Mr. Krabs yells backstage, saying that he's not paying for a new stage light. Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Squidward and Patrick then get into place on a huge, fake Krabby Patty that is hanging by rope. SpongeBob runs across the stage, singing, passing by the chorus repeating few of the words SpongeBob sang in harmony. Eventually, SpongeBob makes it to the Krabby Patty climbing up on top by ladder. The Krabby Patty lifts up and starts swinging back and forth as confetti starts falling from the ceiling. SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Sandy sing for the rest of the show, until SpongeBob's "little heart gives out."

The song

Main article: Best Day Ever (song)


During the song

SpongeBob (singing): That's where it's at!
(Breaks light, falls on floor)
Mr. Krabs: "I'm not paying for that!"
Patrick (singing): Don't let those sour notes bring you down
(Squidward stops playing his clarinet)
Squidward: "Hey!"
SpongeBob (singing): Relax and play
(Jellyfish come on)
Mr. Krabs: "That wasn't in the budget!"


(Patrick and Sandy snore)
SpongeBob (singing): It's the best day ever!
Squidward: "How long do we have to do this?"
Mr. Krabs: "Just 'till his little heart gives out, Squidward. Just 'till his little heart gives out."

(Random guy cleans floor)

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