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Ben Blenny is a reporter for the Bikini Bottom News who appears in the episode "SpongeBob's Last Stand." He was standing in for Perch Perkins, who was out with indigestion.


He is a light purple fish with a fancy light green and wears a light beige suit, brown pants, and black shoes. He also has neat black hair.

Role in episode

He is a reporter for the Bikini Bottom News while jellyfish are attacking Bikini Bottom. One guy, specifically Gus, interrupts his news report when he is astonished that he is on TV and says hello to all his relatives. Ben pushes him away, and SpongeBob comes into the scene. He asks him to say a few words, although SpongeBob is a little nervous. However, he finally says his speech to everyone in the microphone onto the television screens.


  • During his scene, he is wearing black shoes while interviewing Gus, but when Ben starts to interview SpongeBob, his shoes disappear.
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