Beary, also called SpongeBear Jr., is a teddy bear which is the first toy that SpongeBob wins from the skill crane in the episode of the same name.


It is a light brown teddy bear that has a light tan stomach and a dark brown nose. It has light yellow and blue eyes and black pupils.

Role in series

"Skill Crane"

Beary is the first toy that SpongeBob wins from the new skill crane at the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob carries him around for most of the episode and wins other stuffed animals from the machine to be the bear's friends.

"The Donut of Shame"

He is seen having a tea party with SpongeBob, Patrick, and Ms. Nibsy at 8:35 P.M in a flashback.

"Tutor Sauce"

He appears when SpongeBob is shown asleep.

"Company Picnic"

In Plankton's hologram, a red version of him is seen on the backboard of the ball toss game.

"Pineapple Invasion"

Beary is one of the many items that appears in Gary's shell when Plankton ventures inside.

"Fun-Sized Friends"

SpongeBob uses his clothing as Mini Patrick's pajamas and Beary is embarrassed by having no clothing.


  • His name is a pun on the name "Barry."
  • SpongeBob claims Beary as his favorite prize from the machine.
  • Beary is the first toy SpongeBob wins from the skill crane, but he then wins a duplicate version of him when demonstrating the best crane technique to Squidward. The duplicate then suddenly disappears.
  • Each episode Beary appears in, his eye color changes.
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