The Baytona Classic is a vehicle owned by famous raceboat driver Tony Fast Sr. It appears in the episode "The Hot Shot."


The Baytona Classic is a red vintage speedboat with flames on the front. It also has the number 8 on the sides. It has many pipes in the back used for turbo and it has four wheels, two small in the front and two big in the back.

Role in episode

The Baytona Classic is first seen in Tony Fast's garage after his son, Tony Fast Jr., invites SpongeBob to his house. After he explains how his dad wins his races with the other different speedboats, Tony Fast Jr. then asks SpongeBob to pick his favorite one. SpongeBob points to the Baytona Classic, which its name is revealed by Tony Fast Jr, and they start to drive off.

Things are going smoothly at first until they meet up with a group of street racers. The street racer challenges SpongeBob and Tony Jr. to a race. At first, SpongeBob declines. Tony Jr. says to SpongeBob that by not racing the street racer, they would not be cool, so SpongeBob agrees to the challenge and they start racing down the street. However, the race quickly ends as a police car begins to give chase. The street racer already spots them and slows down while SpongeBob and Tony Jr. quickly drive past them. The two then get into a high-speed chase with a police car, a police helicopter, and even Tony Fast all involved.

The chase abruptly ends once SpongeBob and Tony Jr. drive into Mrs. Puff's Boating School, crashing into it in the process.


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