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Video game

Battle for Bikini Bottom is a SpongeBob SquarePants video game, released for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, Game Boy Advance and PC, released on October 21, 2003. The player controls SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy to save Bikini Bottom from the robot army accidentally created by Plankton.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie game, released one year after this game, shares the same developer, many gameplay elements with it, and is sometimes considered a spiritual successor.

On June 5, 2019, Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated, a full remake of the game was announced by THQ Nordic.[1] It is scheduled for release in 2020.



All versions of the game share the same basic plot, albeit some minor differences:

Inside the Chum Bucket, Plankton comes up with another plan to steal the Krabby Patty formula from the Krusty Krab. He builds a machine called the Duplicatotron 3000 and uses it to create an army of robots, which he plans to use to destroy the Krusty Krab and succeed in his long-time goal. Although the plan goes smoothly at first, the robots start to rebel against Plankton when he gave them their first order, and soon after, Plankton realizes his fatal error. He forgot to set the "Obey Plankton" switch to "Obey." As a result, the robots lock Plankton out of the Chum Bucket and start to go on a rampage to destroy Bikini Bottom.

Meanwhile, in SpongeBob's house, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star play with their toy robots and racehorses to pass the time. When SpongeBob asks Patrick if playing with real robots would be better, Patrick answers by showing SpongeBob his Magic Wishing Shell. Patrick explains to SpongeBob that if he puts the toy robots in the shell, says the magic words and shakes it, the next morning he will be rewarded with real robots to play with. SpongeBob follows up with Patrick's suggestion and proceeds to make his wish. By the next morning, SpongeBob wakes up to find his entire house trashed. He finds out on the news that Bikini Bottom is under attack by an army of robots. Believing that the rampage is his own fault due to his "wish," SpongeBob sets out to clean up his mess and help out his friends (including Plankton who wants to get back into the Chum Bucket) to save Bikini Bottom. However, what SpongeBob doesn't know is that Plankton is the one behind the whole mess.

PS2/GameCube/Xbox Version

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Playable characters

Only SpongeBob SquarePants can take the taxi to Bikini Bottom.

Character moves

All characters

  • Jump/Double Jump: Characters can jump by pressing the jump button and double jump to jump again in mid-air.


  • Bubble Spin: Spins while waving his bubble wand. This can hit enemies and objects in any direction.
  • Bubble Bash: Launches upwards with a bubble Viking helmet towards mid-air robots or tikis.
  • Bubble Bounce: Grows bubble feet and slams on top of enemies or tikis underneath.
  • Bubble Bowl: SpongeBob blows a bubble and throws it forward in the fashion of a bowling ball. The longer the player holds the button, the faster it will be. Unlocked after beating Robo-Sandy.
  • Cruise Bubble: SpongeBob launches a controllable bubble torpedo that destroys any robot(s) or tiki(s) that come in contact with it, including stone tikis. Unlocked after beating Robo-Patrick.
  • SpongeBall: The only power-up based move, SpongeBob transforms into a ball and can do nothing but roll around, but is much faster. Press the jump button to return to normal SpongeBob.
  • Sneak: SpongeBob SquarePants can sneak around by moving slowly, sneaking past the Sleepy-Time robot enemy and crossing fragile platforms.


  • Belly attack: Patrick throws out his belly, hitting robots and tikis directly in front of him with it.
  • Throw: Can pick up a Throw Fruit (watermelon), Freezy Fruit (actually a chunk of ice), tiki, or robot and throw it. In order to throw a robot, he needs to stun it with the body slam move.
  • Body slam: While in the air, Patrick can plummet directly downward to destroy things beneath him, sending out a small shock wave.


  • Karate: Does a chop while on the ground and a kick while in the air.
  • Lasso: Can use it to tie up and destroy a far-away robot or tiki.
  • Glide: After doing a double jump, Sandy can use her lasso as a helicopter to reach farther distances.
  • Texas Trailer Hitches: Can swing on mid-air, Texas-shaped hooks with her lasso to go even farther distances than with the glide.


  • Shiny objects: These are used as currency in the game, taking their design from a flower. The player can carry up to 99,999 shiny objects.
  • Golden Spatula: Golden spatulas are used to unlock new areas in the game. Their use is similar to the Power Star from "Super Mario 64".
  • Underwear: These restore one health point (for any missing pairs of underwear caused by taking damage).
  • Golden underwear: This permanently increases the player's maximum health by one point. There are three of them in the entire game, all within the Bikini Bottom hub.
  • SpongeBall: This power-up turns SpongeBob into a SpongeBall. Only SpongeBob himself can use this item.
  • SpongeBob's sundae: This power-up was completely cut from the game. The player can use a hex editor to replace the underwear powerup with the sundae. It allows the player to run faster and destroy stone tikis with any attack.[2]
  • Patrick's socks: If the player returns ten of these socks to Patrick the player will receive a golden spatula. There are 80 of them in the entire game.
  • Steering wheels: These are only found in Downtown Bikini Bottom. If the player returns all 11 to Mrs. Puff, they will obtain a golden spatula.
  • Artwork: These are only found in Rock Bottom. If the player returns all six to Mrs. Puff, the player will receive a golden spatula.
  • Energy crystals: These are only found in the Kelp Cave section of Kelp Forest. If the player returns all of them to Barnacle Boy, they will receive a golden spatula.


  • Wood Tiki: A wooden tiki with chattering teeth. These tikis are the most common and the easiest to break.
  • Floating Tiki: A blue tiki. Unlike the other tikis, these ones float in the air. They can usually be broken with SpongeBob's Bubble Bash or Patrick's throw. They can also be used as platforms.
  • Shhh Tiki: A tiki with big ears that disappears when approached. SpongeBob must sneak toward it to break it. Additionally, the Bubble Bowl can be used to break it without approaching it.
  • Thunder Tiki: An angry looking tiki that thunders when touched, which explodes after a few seconds. Destroying it from a distance is viable, as attacking it will also make it explode. They can also be used to destroy other tikis nearby, including Stone Tikis.
  • Stone tiki: A stoic looking tiki made from solid rock. They can only be destroyed by Thunder Tiki explosions or SpongeBob's Cruise Bubble.


  • Bikini Bottom - This is the hub world. Here, the player can access all the other levels. SpongeBob can complete minor tasks, such as annoying Squidward, clearing Sandy's treedome, and clearing the Krusty Krab. The robots also stole Patrick's socks (all of which are scattered throughout the other levels), and SpongeBob can get a golden spatula for every ten he returns to Patrick in the hub world. The Krusty Krab has also been "abandoned," and Mr. Krabs needs shiny objects to restore the restaurant. He's agreed to give the player golden spatulas, but only if the player can find enough shiny objects. The price increases every time a new golden spatula is available.
    • On Top of the Pineapple - A Golden Spatula is revealed at the top of SpongeBob's pineapple home when both the button between Patrick's and Squidward's house is pushed and the button between Squidward's and SpongeBob's house is pushed. Patience and some moving platforms will eventually bring the player to the top of SpongeBob's pineapple.
    • On Top of Shady Shoals - Standing on the pressure plate by the Police Station will open the way to a button, which the player must use the player's Bubble Bowl attack to press. This will reveal a springboard, taking the player to the top of the Police Station. Then, floating blocks will appear leading the player from the top of the Police Station to the top of Shady Shoals, allowing the player to collect a Golden Spatula.
    • On Top of the Chum Bucket - To the right of the "Chum Bucket" logo on the Chum Bucket there are three buttons lined up vertically that the player can hit with the Cruise Bubble. Hitting all three reveals a springboard which takes the player to the top of the Chum Bucket, allowing the player to collect a Golden Spatula.
    • SpongeBob's Closet - The first Golden Spatula in the game; found by collecting 50 Shiny Objects and opening SpongeBob's closet.
    • Annoy Squidward - Going inside Squidward's home and going through the dialogue will activate this task. After the player has done this, the player will need to jump around. The number of jumps required is inconsistent, but it is around 10. He will then pay the player with a Golden Spatula to leave him alone.
    • Ambush at the Tree Dome - Going inside Sandy's tree dome will activate this task. The player will need to not quit the level and destroy all of the robots, including Duplicatotrons. Once the player has done this, Sandy will reward the player.
    • Infestation at the Krusty Krab - Outside of the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs is standing. He will not trade the player any Golden Spatulas for Shiny Objects until the player does this task. Inside the Krusty Krab, the player will need to destroy all of the robots, including Duplicatotrons. Once the player has accomplished this, Mr. Krabs will reward the player outside, thus reactivating trades.
    • A Wall Jump in the Bucket - Inside of the Chum Bucket, there is a vent pipe in one of the corners. Climbing onto this and treating it as a wall jump will reward the player with a Golden Spatula.
  • Jellyfish Fields - The first single level. Squidward has been attacked by robots and jellyfish, and SpongeBob needs to go to the top of Spork Mountain to find a jar of "King Jellyfish" jelly for him to use as a coolant for his wounds. The trouble is, the King Jellyfish has to be defeated before the player can get the jelly. SpongeBob also needs to save Patrick, who traverses a cave, and get a spatula back for Mrs. Puff, etc. Of the first area of Bikini Bottom, this level does not require any Golden Spatulas.
    • Top of the Hill - Get to the top of the mountain in Jellyfish Rock.
    • Cowa-Bungee! - Encounter Gary and use the Bungee Hook to collect the spatula at the bottom of the waterfall in Jellyfish Rock.
    • Spelunking - Get to the end of Jellyfish Caves as Patrick.
    • Patrick's Dilemma - Defeat all the robots to save Patrick.
    • Navigate the Canyons and Mesas - Get to the end of Jellyfish Lake.
    • Drain the Lake - Destroy the lake fountains by throwing the stunned Ham-Mers at them.
    • Slide Leap - Jump to the golden spatula at the end of the slide in Spork Mountain.
    • Defeat King Jellyfish - Defeat King Jellyfish and give the King Jellyfish Jelly to Squidward.
  • Downtown Bikini Bottom - Robots are wreaking havoc here, and SpongeBob needs to defeat them. He also needs to find steering wheels, smash some tikis at The Sea Needle, find an antenna for Larry (as Sandy), and other tasks. The player needs 5 golden spatulas to enter.
    • End of the Road - Collect all 11 steering wheels to retrieve to Mrs. Puff.
    • Learn Sandy's Moves - Use the lasso to fly as Sandy to get to a building with the Golden Spatula near it in the downtown streets.
    • Tikis Go Boom - Lure the cannon to fire the sinks toward the Thunder Tikis. This will allow you to press the buttons on the bottom of the tikis, destroying the cannon. The spatula will appear on top of the statue.
    • Across the Rooftops - Get to across the rooftops as Sandy and replace Larry's antenna in the downtown rooftops.
    • Swingin' Sandy - Follow the yellow arrows to lead you to the correct path.
    • Ambush in the Lighthouse - Defeat all robots and destroy every Duplicatotron in the lighthouse.
    • Extreme Bungee - Destroy all the tikis in the Sea Needle by bungee jumping out the windows, then return to Mr. Krabs.
    • Come back with the Cruise Bubble - Come back to the Sea Needle once you have the Cruise Bubble attack. If you use it, you can see a button that you have to press to reveal platforms on the other side.
  • Goo Lagoon - A robot has stolen all the sunscreen, and the only way SpongeBob can get it back is to reflect the heat onto the robot to get revenge. While going to the last reflecting tower, SpongeBob has to do other tasks like going through a cave, helping Mr. Krabs in a carnival (as Patrick), etc. The player needs 10 golden spatulas to enter.
    • King of the Castle - Get to the top of the sand castle in Goo Lagoon Beach.
    • Connect the towers - Connect all the towers by pressing the buttons on them. Then, find a way to get over to the tower near the Ham-Mer. To complete this faster, SpongeBob can destroy the Ham-Mer by using the Cruise Bubble technique and ignore the towers altogether. It matters not how the Ham-Mer is destroyed, SpongeBob will still be awarded the Spatula.
    • Save the Children - Save all 5 children by popping their balloons with the Bubble Bash, then return to Mrs. Puff.
    • Over the Moat - Follow the path onto the side of the top of the castle as Patrick.
    • Through the Sea Caves - Travel through the Goo Lagoon Sea Caves.
    • Clean out the Bumper Boats - Destroy all the robots on the Bumper Boats as Patrick, then return to Mr. Krabs.
    • Slip and Slide Under the Pier - Use Patrick to use the Freezy Fruit.
    • Tower Bungee - Use SpongeBob to bungee your way to get the spatula in Goo Lagoon Pier.
  • Poseidome - The first boss level, this level features King Neptune. Robo-Sandy has taken over the Poseidome, and SpongeBob needs to defeat it to help King Neptune regain control of it. The player needs 15 golden spatulas to enter this level.
    • Rumble at the Poseidome - Defeat Robo-Sandy using SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • Rock Bottom - Mrs. Puff says that robots have ransacked the Rock Bottom Museum, and SpongeBob must clear it and find the few missing artworks in the process while traversing Rock Bottom. The player needs 25 golden spatulas to enter this level.
    • Get to the Museum - Get to the entrance of the Rock Bottom Museum in Downtown Rock Bottom.
    • Slip Sliding Away - Get the spatula at the end of the slide before time runs out in Downtown Rock Bottom.
    • Return the Museum's Art - Find all 6 pieces of stolen artwork and return to Mrs. Puff.
    • Swing Along Spatula - Find and press all the buttons to bring the swing hooks into the air, then use Sandy to get the spatula.
    • Plundering Robots in the Museum - Shut off the museum's security system to reach the spatula.
    • Across the Trench of Darkness - Make it to the end of the Trench of Advanced Darkness.
    • Lasers are Fun and Good for You - Activate all the lasers as Sandy to make a path, then return to Plankton.
    • How in Tarnation Do You Get There?
  • Mermalair - SpongeBob must clear the Mermalair, and shut down the security system before ending up defeating Prawn before Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy return from their doctor's appointments. Of the second area of Bikini Bottom, this level does not require any Golden Spatulas.
    • Top of the Entrance Area - Get to the end of the Mermalair Lobby.
    • Top of the Computer Area - Get to the end of the Mermalair Main Chamber.
    • Shut Down the Security System - Find all and press all 4 security buttons, then return to the Mermalair Computer.
    • The Funnel Machines - Activate all the funnel machines with Patrick to repair Mermaid Man's TV, then return to him.
    • The Spinning Towers of Power - Activate all the cylinders as Patrick, then return to Barnacle Boy.
    • Top of the Security Tunnel - Get to the end of the Mermalair Security Tunnel.
    • Complete the Rolling Ball Room
    • Defeat Prawn - Defeat Prawn to get the spatula.
  • Sand Mountain - It's time for Texas-style snowboarding! SpongeBob is rewarded for beating Bikini Bottom's citizens' times on 3 different slopes, along with clearing the robots at the end of the slopes. The player needs 30 golden spatulas to enter this level.
    • Frosty Bungee
    • Top of the Lodge - Use the swing hooks as Sandy to get the spatula on top of the ski lodge.
    • Defeat Robots on Guppy Mound - Destroy all the robots at the end of Guppy Mound.
    • Beat Mrs. Puff's Time - Self-explanatory: the player has to beat the Guppy Mound course in 2 minutes.
    • Defeat Robots on Flounder Hill - Destroy all the robots at the end of Flounder Hill.
    • Beat Bubble Buddy's Time - Beat the Flounder Hill course in 80 seconds.
    • Defeat Robots on Sand Mountain - Destroy all the robots at the end of Sand Mountain.
    • Beat Larry's Time - Beat the Sand Mountain course in 1 minute.
  • Industrial Park - The second boss level. Squidward has been attacked by Robo-Patrick, and SpongeBob must defeat him before the robotic monster goes on a rampage. The player needs 40 golden spatulas to enter this level.
    • Robo-Patrick Ahoy! - Defeat Robo-Patrick using SpongeBob and Sandy.
  • Kelp Forest - Eerie large kelp forests have always been a hiding place for spooky secrets, but now, robots are threatening visitors and the environment! It's up to SpongeBob to clear the forest, find Mrs. Puff's campers, find Barnacle Boy's energy crystals, and slide down a kelp vine for Mermaid Man. The player needs 50 golden spatulas to enter this level.
    • Through the Woods - Get to the end of the Kelp Forest.
    • Find All the Lost Campers - Find all 6 lost campers and return to Mrs. Puff.
    • Tiki Roundup
    • Down in the Swamp
    • Through the Kelp Caves - Make it to the end of the Kelp Caves.
    • Power Crystal Crisis
    • Kelp Vine Slide - Slide to the end of the Kelp Vines.
    • Beat Mermaid Man's Time
  • Flying Dutchman's Graveyard - The Flying Dutchman can't scare the souls out of anyone because robots have taken over his ship and are using it to battle each other. If SpongeBob and Sandy succeed in getting it back, they will be rewarded. The player needs 60 Golden Spatulas to enter this level.
    • Top of the Entrance Area - Get to the end of the Graveyard Lake.
    • A Path Through the Goo
    • Goo Tanker Ahoy!
    • Top of the Stack of Ships - Get to the end of the Graveyard of Ships.
    • Shipwreck Bungee
    • Destroy the Robot Ship
    • Get Aloft There, Matey!
    • Defeat the Flying Dutchman - Defeat the Flying Dutchman to get the spatula.
  • SpongeBob's Dream - SpongeBob is asleep, so he gets to enter his and his friend's dreams. He needs to travel through everyone's dreams and earn golden spatulas from each dream. Of the third area of Bikini Bottom, this level does not require any Golden Spatulas to enter.
    • Across the Dreamscape - Get to the end of SpongeBob's dream.
    • Follow the Bouncing Ball
    • Slidin' Texas Style - Ride the sky slide in Sandy's dream until you reach the spatula on top of the acorn.
    • Swingers Ahoy
    • Music is in the Ear of the Beholder - Go through the musical obstacle course in Squidward's dream to get the spatula on Squidward's nose.
    • Krabby Patty Platforms - Destroy enough robots in Mr. Krabs' dream to use the Krabby Patty fix-ins as platforms to destroy the Duplicatotrons, then destroy the rest of the robots.
    • Super Bounce - Use the trampolines to get the spatula on top of Squidward's house in SpongeBob's dream.
    • Here You Go - Just walk up to Patrick in his dream. (No Task)
    • Screaming for Ice Cream (unused)[3]
  • Chum Bucket Lab - This is the final and most secret of the levels. Here, Plankton's scheme is revealed, and SpongeBob must finish his mission. But first, he must battle a robot manifestation of himself and robot Plankton. He also needs to enter the robot's head and blow some fuses to jam the electrical system and defeat the robot, but Plankton's robot may be harder to defeat. The player needs 75 golden spatulas to enter. The player is given no checkpoints when inside Robo-SpongeBob, so if the player is defeated, the player has to restart the area.
    • Kah - Rah - Tae! - Inside the lab, the player is greeted with a robot version of SpongeBob using tactics to endeavor defeating the player. After every 3 cycles, a robot Plankton will be blasting lasers at the player, only vulnerable to hits during his pause of shooting. Once the player has hit the robot Plankton, Robo-SpongeBob will awake and add in a new move to the cycle.
    • The Small Shall Rule... Or Not - Robo-SpongeBob has had enough and powers down. This upsets robot Plankton, who activates a growth in Robo-SpongeBob and gives him muscular arms, which forces SpongeBob to go and hit his vulnerability from the inside.


  • Fodder - The most common robot found throughout the game and the easiest to defeat. These robots will come after the player and attack with their electric wands. They are worth 5 points.
  • Ham-Mer - A robot taking the pun of the word "hammer" literally, using a hammer made of ham as its choice of weapon. These robots attack the player with a vicious slam attack. They can be often notorious for also knocking players off the edge into the abyss. They first appear in Jellyfish Fields and are worth 25 points.
  • Tar-Tar - A robot that attacks by blasting the player with three shots of hot tartar sauce. These robots take a little more effort to defeat with normal attacks due to their high stamina but an explosion or strong attack such as the Bubble Bowl can take them out in one blow. Due to their weight, Patrick can't pick up Tar-tars. They first appear in Jellyfish Fields and are worth 30 points.
  • Chomp-Bot - A robot that will chase after the player and try to bite them with their metallic jaws. They are also equipped with toxic gas which they can breath out for extra measure. They are worth 10 points.
  • G-Love - A frisbee-shaped robot that attacks by spinning in an attempt to whack the player with their arms. Normal attacks are rendered useless while it's spinning so only air-based and the Bubble Bounce attack can defeat them. They first appear in Downtown Bikini Bottom and are worth 40 points.
  • Chuck - These are probably the most dangerous robots in the game. They will attack the player by throwing a water missile and their aim is very accurate. Getting around them can be tricky, especially when crossing gaps as the player must get them to throw the missile out of the player's path. Patrick can stun these bots if the player is directly underneath them. They first appear in Downtown Bikini Bottom (in the rooftops area) and are worth 50 points.
  • Monsoon - A robot that hovers around and attacks by creating storm clouds with their remote that can zap lightning on the player. Only air-based attacks like the Bubble Bash can reach them as they hover high above the ground. Like Chuck, Patrick can stun these bots if the player is directly underneath them. They first appear in Goo Lagoon and are worth 60 points.
  • Bomb-Bot - A small robot that will set off its fuse and chase after the player; it explodes after a few seconds and can hurt the player if they get caught in the blast radius. It's easy to destroy a Bomb-bot before it self-destructs; doing so will earn the player 15 points. If a Bomb-bot detonates on its own, the player receives nothing. Their behaviour is similar to the Bob-omb from the Super Mario series.
  • Sleepy-Time - A sleeping robot that wakes up when the player gets near and blasts lasers at the player until the target can get out of their range. Only SpongeBob is quiet enough to sneak near Sleepy-Times undetected so if the player is playing as Patrick or Sandy, the best strategy to defeat them with distant attacks. The Bubble Bowl is also useless against them because they can deflect the attack away with their force field. The Cruise Bubble can also be used to destroy them. Pat can't stun them since their detector extends beyond his ground-pound. They first appear in Rock Bottom and are worth 70 points.
  • Arf - A cowboy robot that spawns Arf Dawgs from his doghouse. He takes a lot more effort to defeat and attacks the player with his doghouse whenever they get too close to him. A quick way to deal with an Arf is to knock his own Arf Dawgs into him, or by using the Bubble Bowl. However, Arfs can also be defeated in one blow with a strong attack such as the Cruise Bubble. They first appear in the Mermalair and are worth 80 points.
  • Arf Dawg - A dog-like robot spawned from an Arf's doghouse. These robots seek the player out and explode after a few seconds. Their behavior is similar to a Bob-omb from the Super Mario series (a trait shared with the Bomb-Bot). The player does not receive Shiny Objects from these robots but the player can use them to attack the Arf.
  • BZZT-bot - A robot that will continuously zap the player with a gamma-ray laser out of their eye until the player either defeats them or backs away. It can be responsible for draining the player's health very quickly and leaving the player vulnerable to other robots. It can hover over anything. If the player waits about thirty seconds, it'll shoot spiral fireworks and spin around. The fireworks don't hurt. They are worth 20 points.
  • Tubelet - Tubelets are small robots that are always found in groups of three and attack with flame jets from their tubes. All three must be destroyed to permanently defeat them; otherwise, they will respawn and counterattack with an explosion. They first appear in the Kelp Forest and are worth 90 points upon their defeat.
  • Slick - A robot that attacks by shooting globs of oil at the player. The blobs will affect the player's traction on the surface if the player gets hit and even if the glob hits the ground, it will leave behind a puddle of oil that must be avoided. These robots are protected by a shield of oil that must be taken out with distant attacks but the shield can re-spawn after a few seconds. A powerful attack such as the Cruise Bubble is most effective for defeating them. They first appear in the Flying Dutchman's Graveyard and are worth 100 points.
  • Duplicatotron 1000 - They serve as robot spawners and will continue spawning robots in the area until they are destroyed. Be careful though, the Duplicatotrons meet an explosive end once their stamina is drained, so back out once the player has dealt with them. They are worth 50 points.


King Jellyfish from "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" is the first non-robot boss in the game. He seems to be able to shoot a powerful shock wave and it seems that, despite being male, he's the one who lays the rest of the jellyfish. Going under his body will damage the player. The player hits him after he does his shock wave attack.

Robo-Sandy is the first robot boss in the game. Her main attacks include a karate chop (which only happens if she gets too close), a large jump (which for some reason stuns itself), and a clothesline move (this is when she runs to the edge and springs herself across the arena with her hands and feet against the edge and attached to her main body by springs - the move can be avoided by jumping over or through the springs). the player uses Bubble Bounce, throws her head at a broken scoreboard (Phase 2), and uses Bubble Bash on her head to defeat her (Phase 3).

Prawn is a blue evil shrimp and the second non-robot boss in the game. He also is shown to be armed with a specially designed French horn, and is Mermaid Man's archenemy because he turned all his socks pink. During his second and third phases, Prawn will spawn Ham-Mers which can be dangerous due to their ability to knock the player off. The player has to use Bubble Bowl on him when the Disco Floor is silver and while avoiding the robots (It will burst on a yellow or red floor).

Robo-Patrick is the second robot boss in the game. His main attacks include spitting moves, freeze breath, ice cream slams, and a spinning move that releases industrial waste around him and leaves the robot vulnerable by making him dizzy.

The Flying Dutchman needs SpongeBob's help to get the robots off his ship so Sandy can fight him. He is the third and final non-robot boss in the game. He is the only boss who SpongeBob does not fight at all, only Sandy can fight him.

Robo-SpongeBob is the third robot boss in the game. His main attacks include a large arm swing that freezes him, karate slams (that flip the platform the player is on), and a three-part sweeping attack in which it shouts "KAH-RAH-TAE!" and the sound waves will knock the player unconscious. According to Robo-Plankton, they were supposed to be married, despite their masculine sexes.

Robo-Plankton is the final robot (and overall) boss of the game. His main attack is a sonic blast. According to himself, the robots have always been obeying Plankton through the entire game.

In the movie theater, the player can see that a Robo-Squidward was originally planned to be in the game, possibly as a secret boss. This was scrapped before the game's release. But in the Game Boy Advance version, a Robo-Squidward is present, and his attacks include slamming his tentacles down onto the ground and blowing out musical notes that will stun anyone who gets hit. Robo-Squidward could possibly be located in his dream. This also opens up the possibility that Squidward was originally going to be a playable character.

Game Boy Advance Version

The gameplay in the GBA version is 2D platforming similar to the likes of Super Mario but with a puzzler twist.


Chapter 1

  • When Robots Attack
  • Hi Ho Mystery, Away!
  • Robot from the Goo Lagoon
  • Please Please Kelp Me
  • There Goes the Neighborhood
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Attack of the Steel Squirrel

Chapter 2

  • Bringing it Around Downtown
  • Gone Jellyfishing
  • Short Circuit
  • No Horsing Around
  • New Robotropolis
  • To the Mermalair!
  • Star Power

Chapter 3

  • Around the Way Sponge
  • Seanutbutter and Jellyfish
  • Mystery Loves Company
  • Hitting the Slopes
  • In-Cog-Neato!
  • Robots in the Skies
  • Squid Vicious

Chapter 4

  • It Came from Rock Bottom
  • Deep Trouble
  • Escape from Sand Mountain
  • Back to the Seacave
  • Industrial Robolution
  • Plankton's Inner Sanctum
  • SpongeBot SteelPants


PC Version

The PC version of the game is a point and click adventure. It features the following mini-games:

  • Kelp Forest
    • Vine Swinger
    • Dock Block
    • Gary Trivia
    • Gary Chopper
    • Dress to Impress
    • Slime Trail
  • Downtown Bikini Bottom:
    • Traffic Jam - A game similar to Frogger where the player navigates through a bustling street, avoiding the cars driven by Plankton's robots and collecting items that count towards a goal in order to complete the level.
    • Manhole Memory - A memory matching game where the player must match together characters from the show as well as robots.
    • Patrick Trivia - A trivia game where an announcer robot asks SpongeBob trivia questions that he must answer correctly in order to free Patrick from a cage.
    • Robot Alley - A game in which the player is running down an alley, avoiding or attacking robots with projectiles and collecting items that count towards a goal in order to complete the level.
    • The Magic Shop - A game in which the player must place the items that they collected from the previous levels in their correct positions inside of a magic shop. The player is hinted as to what belongs where with collections that seem to be missing a piece or an obvious space where something is missing.
    • Bowling Buddies - A game in which SpongeBob and Patrick go bowling, but with Patrick using SpongeBob as the bowling ball. In the electronic display, whenever events such as strikes, spares, or splits happen, the screen will display a representation of what happened by using robots as replacements for pins.
  • Mermalair
    • Cave Jumper
    • Open Says Me
    • Squidward Trivia
    • Rope Burn
    • The Wall of Gadgets
    • Mermalair Dance Party
  • The Flying Dutchman's Graveyard
    • Capture The Flag
    • Shove It
    • Mr. Krabs Trivia
    • Hide Me Money
    • Balancing Act
    • Walk the Plank
  • Chum Bucket Lab:
    • Sneaky Feet
    • Hall of Arms
    • Sandy Trivia
    • Robot Roundup
    • The Spectacular Contraption
    • Chop-a-Bot


The game received generally positive reviews and won numerous awards like the Kids Choice Award for Favorite Video Game. Official PlayStation Magazine gave the game 4.5 out of 5. The game sold well enough to claim Greatest Hits on PS2, Player's Choice on GameCube and Platinum Hits on Xbox. Despite its relative obscurity nowadays, BFBB and the The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game have amassed a decently sized cult following over the years. On June 5th, 2019 THQ Nordic announced that a remake titled Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated is in production. It will be developed by Purple Lamp Studios and aims to not only remake the game for modern platforms, but to also restore much of the content that was cut by the original developer, Heavy Iron Studios.


  • All versions of this game have backwards compatibility.
    • The PS2 version can be played on old PS3 units.
    • The GameCube version can be played on various Wii units.
    • The GBA version can be played on all DS and DS Lite units.
    • The Xbox version can be played on all Xbox 360 units.
    • The PC version can be played on all older computer units.
  • Uo 1481155821-11317-379

    Demo disc for the game, The Fairly OddParents: Breakin Da Rules, and a Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius one.

    The robots from this game make a cameo in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game as garbage, meaning that SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy succeeded in defeating them all. This further drives in the idea that The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game is a sequel to Battle for Bikini Bottom.
  • Mr. Krabs and Mermaid Man are the only two characters not voiced by their original actors, Clancy Brown and Ernest Borgnine, and are instead both voiced by Joe Whyte.
  • If SpongeBob has already unlocked the movie theater and asks the ticket booth man, he will ask what movies are currently playing. One of the movies is Carp Wars, a reference to Star Wars.
  • In Squidward's Tiki, there are several paintings featured. The painting on the easel is a cartoon looking bowl of fruit, which could be in reference to the painting from 1599 called Basket of Fruit. There is also a painting to the right of it that is a reference to the "Skodwarde" meme image.
  • Many gameplay aspects, primarily the act of collecting things to progress and sliding sections, were obviously inspired by the likes of Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie, renowned 3D platformers of that era.
  • This game introduces a brand new villain to Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy, Prawn, who they consider to be their "arch nemesis" and "worse than Man Ray, Atomic Flounder, and the Dirty Bubble." He has never been seen in any episode to date since then. This is surprising considering this game made was very early on in the series yet he has still never been brought back up. But this could be because he resembles Plankton in a lot of ways, so the audience may get the two confused. Also, he has been contradicted by Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy restating in future episodes that the Dirty Bubble is their #1 nemesis.
  • When SpongeBob enters the Krusty Krab, if the player looks out the front window, Mr. Krabs (who was standing right outside the KK) is nowhere to be seen. Additionally, a mime (who is absent if the player is outside) can be seen pressing itself against said window. The same is seen at Sandy's treedome, with Patrick and Sandy visible inside, while not present outside the domain.
  • The maximum amount of shiny objects the player can hold up to is 99,999.
  • In the PC version of this game, when one of the robots throws a crumpled up piece of paper at Plankton, Plankton says, "You *dolphin chirp* robots!" This may have been a reference to the episode "Sailor Mouth."

PC Demo

  • The PC version came as a demo on the SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric DVD.
  • In Sandy's dream, if the player talks to Larry Lobster after the player completes the slide, he asks the player to come and work out with him in his dream bubble, implying that Larry may have a crush on Sandy.
  • In Sandy's dream, all the platforms the player can stand on, except the giant acorn, are shaped like Texas.
  • Many songs from this game's soundtrack have since been recycled into other SpongeBob games, most notably SpongeBob's Truth or Square.
Ataria 2600 controller made out of sand

Atari 2600 controller made out of sand

  • In Goo Lagoon, there is a hidden Atari 2600 controller made of sand that can be found near the giant sand castle.
  • There was a demo-movie for this game on the Spongebob game.Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc.
  • This game also is known to be the "Best SpongeBob Game" content-wise as well.
  • This game has lots of unused content that was never used in the final game that still remains in the game files. In the early trailers, you can see some of the used content. On a website called The Cutting Room Floor, there is a page about unused content in Battle For Bikini Bottom that is still in the files. For more information visit the page on TCRF - SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom
  • This game was released on Lux Interior's 57th birthday.
  • The Xbox version has some leftovers from Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights, another game Heavy Iron Studios developed, as Battle for Bikini Bottom was based on the source code for said game.
  • The PlayStation 2 version of this game would later be bundled with The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game in the Happy Squared Double Pack, which was released on March 3, 2009. Which ironically, the double pack's name is similar to Heavy Iron's canceled SpongeBob game: Happiness Squared.
  • When compared to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions, the GameCube version has dimmer lighting, a lower framerate in some of the levels, some details removed, and scaled down textures, due to GameCube discs having less space than PlayStation 2 and Xbox discs (which are DVDs).
  • The PS2, GameCube, and Xbox versions have the same gameplay, while the GameBoy Advance and PC versions each have their own gameplay style.
  • If the player goes into the Rock Bottom Museum for the first time as Sandy instead of SpongeBob, and completes the "Plundering Robots in the Museum" mission as that character, Barnacle Boy will not mention his son.
  • This is Bubble Buddy's second appearance.
  • Ways to get Patrick's socks:
    • In SpongeBob's Library, use the beach ball to get enough height to press the button near the exit. Then, some platforms will appear. Use the springboard to bounce up to them and jump up to the sock
    • The first time you talk to Patrick, there will be a sock on his foot. Grab it once you're done talking to him.
    • In Patrick's House, destroy the sand couch with SpongeBob's spin attack, and a sock will appear.
    • In Squidward's House, destroy every breakable thing in his house and a sock will appear. by the window.
  • The Realistic Fish Head is called "Johnny." This is one of many different names he is given throughout the series and tie-in media.

Episode references

This game makes many references to the show, to the point where it's extremely likely the developers watched several episodes for inspiration when both writing the script and designing the gameplay.

  • In the episode "Neptune's Spatula," there is a golden spatula in a museum exhibit, which SpongeBob pulls out with ease. In the game, there are many golden spatulas in the levels, which SpongeBob and friends earn by completing certain tasks. Plus, the stadium where King Neptune and SpongeBob had a cook-off is also where SpongeBob and Patrick. fight Robo-Sandy.
  • In the episode "Plankton!," Plankton offers SpongeBob a golden spatula.
  • At the Poseidome, when Robo-Sandy appeared, Patrick said "It's a Giraffe!" ("Bubblestand").
  • In the Treedome section of the game, the player can clearly see that SpongeBob is dehydrated due to him being a sea creature. This also happened in "Tea at the Treedome" and "Squirrel Jokes."
  • The level 'Mermalair,' is based on the episode "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III." The mini-boss battle is also a reference to the episode, in which Prawn was released and imprisoned in a similar experience that Man Ray was.
  • In the episode "Prehibernation Week," SpongeBob and Sandy go to the Industrial Park, in which SpongeBob melted after taking the course. In the game, the Industrial Park is where SpongeBob and Sandy go to fight Robo-Patrick.
  • In the episode "Club SpongeBob," SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward were stranded in a kelp forest. In the game, the same kelp forest serves as a level, but the field wasn't completely covered in kelp. Instead, there are open spaces in the level where the player can explore.
  • In the episode "Sleepy Time," SpongeBob traverses around the dream realm to visit some of his friends' dreams. The level 'SpongeBob's Dream' is based on the episode, in which SpongeBob has to enter his friends' dreams in order to get Golden Spatulas and to reach Patrick's Dream.
  • On the design of SpongeBot SteelPants, he has rocket jets for legs, similar to how SpongeBob blasted off in the water when he was picked as hall monitor in the episode "Hall Monitor." Plus, the first form of Robo-SpongeBob is similar to when SpongeBob puts on his karate gear in various episodes like "Karate Choppers," or "No Weenies Allowed."
    • Also, SpongeBot's design is sort of like the Design of SpongeTron due with the Jet flames.
  • When SpongeBot SteelPants is defeated for the first time, Robo-Plankton will repair him into a form similar to when SpongeBob got Anchor Arms in "MuscleBob BuffPants." Also, during the Goo Lagoon scene, the Juice Bar from the same episode is seen.
  • As SpongeBot SteelPants grows due to Robo-Plankton's repairs, Patrick thinks that he's shrinking. This is a reference to the episodes "Suds" and "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV."
  • If SpongeBob approaches the vending machine in the first parts of the level Rock Bottom, a bus will arrive and then leave again. This is based on SpongeBob's failed attempts to get on the bus in "Rock Bottom."
    • Upon entering the Rock Bottom Museum, the player can see that the paintings are actually episode frames from various SpongeBob episodes.
  • If the player falls into a pit or goes to a restricted area long enough, Hans will come out and will take the player out of the danger. Similarly, in the episode "Suds," when SpongeBob (and Patrick) are about to get their treatments, Hans comes out and takes them to their treatments.
  • Bubble Buddy appears in the game, making this his second appearance since his debut episode.
    • Bubble Buddy also appears in the episode "Bubble Buddy Returns" making it his third appearance.
    • When SpongeBob encounters Bubble Buddy for the first time, Bubble Buddy says SpongeBob must learn all of his Bubble Moves if he's planning to "travel to the 9th dimension, and defeat the giant monkey man." Patrick practically says exactly the same thing in "Big Pink Loser."
    • When the player defeats the robots in the Rock Bottom Museum, Bubble Buddy says "I think it's time for a victory screech!" Then, he and SpongeBob do one. This is a reference to "The Algae's Always Greener" and "Club SpongeBob."
  • When the player returns 10 socks to Patrick, he says "Here's your golden backscratcher," to which SpongeBob replies "Spatula," and Patrick retorts "I don't speak Italian." This line was used in "Wormy." The only difference is that it's said by SpongeBob instead of Patrick.
  • When the player goes down a slope while playing as SpongeBob, he will go down on his tongue, and Sandy goes down on a clam, just like in the Sand Mountain scene in "Prehibernation Week."
    • SpongeBob also crashes into a sandman in the episode, just like how the player has to crash into 8 sandmen along the slope to get one of Patrick's socks.
  • In the episode "Hooky," SpongeBob gets his pants caught on a fishing hook. In some points of the game, SpongeBob can bungee-jump on the fishing hooks, with his pants caught on them of course.
  • In the episode "Ripped Pants," a woman forgets to put on sunscreen. In the Goo Lagoon scene of this, the robots steal people's sunscreen.
  • The police station from the episode "Life of Crime" is seen.
  • One of SpongeBob's moves, the Bubble Bowl, is named after the stadium with the same name from "Band Geeks."
  • In a few points in the game, a mime fish can be seen. This is a reference to the episode "The Sponge Who Could Fly," where SpongeBob saves Patrick from a mime fish.
  • King Jellyfish from "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" is a boss in the game.
  • At the end of the Sand Mountain level, Patrick says "I want the warm now!" This is similar to when he said it in the episode "Survival of the Idiots."
  • In SpongeBob's Pineapple, the player will see the same picture SpongeBob looks at when Squidward comes back from the hospital in "Jellyfishing."
  • Inside Patrick's Rock, a picture of SpongeBob and Patrick together is seen hanging on the wall, it also appears on the information for the level Rock Bottom to show the player how much artwork the player has collected. This picture was originally seen when SpongeBob snuck into Patrick's house at night in "The Secret Box."
  • Inside Squidward's house, one of the paintings references Squidward's face after being asked if he's sure that he hates Krabby Patties, which is from the episode "Just One Bite."
  • When SpongeBob is reading the note on the typewriter, from Mr. Krabs, in his house, the player hears SpongeBob say "And it even smells sweaty, just like him!," this is a reference to when SpongeBob says "Boy Mr. Krabs, you sure are sweaty" in the episode "Arrgh!"
  • When SpongeBob goes to the Mermalair, and the first that Mermaid Man speaks in the level, he says "Is that the TV repairman?," it is a reference to the "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" episode when he says "Are they here to fix the TV?"


  • Sound Glitch: This glitch is randomly triggered. Sometimes when the player pauses the game, the player hears a bunch of random sounds from the game like it not supposed to (instead of the waves from the ocean). The same goes to the "Victory" theme and when the player collects Shiny Objects. Visiting the Spongeball Arena after completing the game will activate this glitch, but the player may need to visit the area multiple times and the player needs to make sure the player uses the "Press R to Go to Bikini Bottom" exit and not the "Press B to Exit" exit. To undo the glitch, save and quit the game, shut the system off and then restart the system and return to the player's game. Another glitch is if the player goes there 12 times, the audio turns off by its self, and 13 times, the game stops its animation and its hard to stop the 3rd sound glitch.
  • Music Glitch In Sand Mountain: At the beginning of the Guppy Mound slide, the "Downtown Bikini Bottom" theme will play instead of the "Slide" theme. (Only for a short while.) Also in Flounder Hill and Sand Mountain slides, the "Slide' theme will continue to play even when the player reaches the bottom.
  • Goo Lagoon Slide Music Glitch: At the carnival in Goo Lagoon, a little bit before the slide, if the player jumps on some tents on the right-hand sign of it, and then jump off at the right part of the last tent to get to the slide, the music that usually plays when the player goes down the slide won't play and the player will just hear the regular Goo Lagoon theme.
  • Tubelet Easter Egg: This isn't a glitch, but if the player sets the player's console to a certain date, the Tubelet robot will spit out a different colored flame than its original color. The holidays are:
    • January 1 - New Year's Day (Rainbow colored flames)
    • March 17 - St. Patrick's Day (Green colored flames)
    • April 1 - April Fools' Day (Pink colored flames)
    • July 4 - Independence Day (Red, white, & blue colored flames)
    • October 31 - Halloween (Yellow-orange colored flames)
  • Invisible/Tan SpongeBob: A glitch in the Squidward's dream level, where if SpongeBob used the Cruise Bubble power while standing on an orange note, he will turn invisible when he falls, and Hans will pick up an invisible SpongeBob. When he brings him back to the start, SpongeBob's entire body turns tan. To deactivate the glitch, fire another Cruise Bubble and as long as SpongeBob is not on a falling surface, he will return to normal when the Cruise Bubble pops.
  • Seeing inside people's bodies: If the player gets in front of anybody who can stay in their place, the player can revolve the camera 180 degrees, (console version only) press any button that zooms in, and control the camera down and the player can see inside of them.
  • Out of Bounds in Jellyfish Fields: At Jellyfish Caves, go near the first bus stop in the game, and the player will see a Floating Tiki nearby. Jump on the sign right next to the bus stop and double jump off of it to get to the tiki. Double-jump off the tiki, then use the player's Spin Attack twice to jump even farther and then land in the plain desert. (The player can also do this glitch with Patrick, but its easier with SpongeBob). The player will see that the player is out of the basis map. Then, when the player reaches the point of the map, the player will see a dimensional edge that if the player jumps off, the player will unwittingly fall for a very long time. Eventually, Hans will find the player and take the player safely back up to the cave entrance.
  • Dimensional Hub: Go down the slide at Spork Mountain in Jellyfish Fields. Jump off the correct point of the slide, and make sure the player lands on a path. The player will beat, able to walk down that path and eventually see a dimensional version of SpongeBob's, Patrick's, and Squidward's houses. When the player goes inside them, part of them disappear. This is because the hub is currently not in the map. the player will be able to explore the area for a bit, but Hans might eventually find the player after that, Hans catches the player and the glitch is gone.
  • Spinning in the Sky: On rare occasions, in the Flying Dutchman's Graveyard, when the player sees Chuck for the first time, and stand on the moving platform when he hits the player, it could knock the player into the goo, like always. But sometimes, the player will travel through the goo and into an upside-down sky. the player cannot move around, but the player can make the sky move with the player's control stick.
  • The Glitched Tiki: In the Flying Dutchman's Graveyard, there is a glitched wooden tiki that, if the player destroys the five other tikis it is in a group with, using the bubble bowl power from the right distance, the player will be able to walk through it and it will become "invincible" and indestructible. It will stay in one position, and it won't chatter its teeth or stare at the player the way it should instead, it has no animations. In Jellyfish Fields, there is a glitched Stone Tiki that will be unbreakable (this is very rare, though).
  • Kelp Vines Glitch: If the only visible checkpoint on the kelp vines halfway through the slide is activated, and SpongeBob falls, as soon as Hans lets go of him back at the checkpoint but before SpongeBob regains movement, SpongeBob can perform a Bubble Bowl that will launch him into the middle of the Kelp Forest without Hans detecting him. (Do not double jump while being launched, this will double the distance and the player will be too far to walk back to anything.) SpongeBob may now turn around and actually walk underneath the Kelp Vines. Interestingly, there is a lone Thunder Tiki and Stone Tiki along the way.
  • Hans Hand Disable/Overworld OoB/Boss Skips: If the player goes by Jellyfish Fields' Taxi in Bikini Bottom, and go in the out-of-bounds sand while taking the taxi, Hans will take the player to Jellyfish Fields after the second time of doing this. Go back to Bikini Bottom and the player will be able to go anywhere out of bounds. This glitch only prevents the player from falling out of bounds, though the sand still affects the player with it activated. To make the player invincible with the sand too, the player has to jump in the waterfall lake near the beginning of the level, with the spatula in it (with autosave activated). The player will be able to go everywhere, and the save icon will be still on the bottom of the screen. This glitch can be used to skip the Robo-Sandy and Robo-Patrick bosses. Note that not only does this prevent the player from getting the Golden Spatulas from these respective bosses, but also prevents Plankton and Bubble Buddy from appearing in the subsequent areas, thus preventing the player from learning the Bubble Bowl move from Bubble Buddy in Area 2, which is required for certain Golden Spatulas. Skipping Robo-Patrick also prevents the player from getting the Cruise Bubble, a technique required to get some Golden Spatulas, although beating the game's final boss, SpongeBot SteelPants does not require the Cruise Bubble, as the player can either glitch the fight and make it end early, or simply glitch their way to SpongeBot's body and hit the green buttons normally. The way to do this glitch can be viewed here
  • Shiny object grinding trick: This is not much a glitch, but more an easy to perform exploit that the player can use to the player's advantage. To perform this trick, simply go to the Lighthouse area in Downtown Bikini Bottom and get to the bottom of the area by destroying the enemy spawners. When the player reaches the bottom, DO NOT destroy the two enemy spawners in the two identical platforms with laser barriers below them. Instead, jump to the platform with the Chuck enemy next to it. Hide behind the enemy spawning machine in a way that the Chuck robot can't hit the player with his missiles. When the player succeeds, the player will now be able to grind Shiny Objects infinitely. Since robots home in/run towards the player when they spawn and the fact that there's an electrical gate below the platforms that instantly destroys all ground-borne robots, the player can simply leave the player's game on and do other things while the player gains Shiny Objects that the robots give after being destroyed, spawned, and destroyed in an infinite cycle. However, since the robots give a small amount of Shiny Objects at a time, it will take a few hours for the player to get any significant amount of currency doing this trick. This trick can be used to gain access to the concept art movie theater and other things that require Shiny Objects to unlock much earlier than the game expects the player to, a technique that is called Sequence Breaking.
  • Outside of SpongeBob's Dream: If the player dies someway in Goo Lagoon or disables the hand and go to SpongeBob's Dream if the player falls down a crazy glitch will happen. The skybox disappears, and the player will be falling for an unlimited time.
  • Anytime the player performs a bungee jump if you go for long enough, SpongeBob's animation will start to deform. The most common animation glitch seen when this happens is SpongeBob's eyes being displaced and clipping through his body.


SpongeBob's Moves

  • Jump: X (PS2), A (GameCube), A (Xbox)
  • Double Jump: X, X (PS2) A, A (GameCube and Xbox)
  • 'Attack (Bubble Spin): 'Square (PS2), B (GameCube), X (Xbox)
  • Bubble Bash: Triangle (PS2), Y (GameCube) Y (Xbox)
  • Bubble Bowl: Hold O, Release (PS2) Hold X, Release (GameCube) Hold B, Release (Xbox)
  • Bubble Bounce (Ground Pound): X, O (PS2), A, X (GameCube), A, B (Xbox)
  • Cruise Bubble: L1 (PS2), L (GameCube), LT (Xbox)

Tip: To get a small amount of extra distance in the air, do a Bubble Spin after a Double Jump.

Patrick's Moves

  • 'Jump: 'X (PS2), A (GameCube), A (Xbox)
  • 'Double Jump:' X, X (PS2) A, A (GameCube and Xbox)
  • 'Attack (Belly Push): 'Square (PS2), B (GameCube), X (Xbox)
  • 'Body Slam: 'X, O (PS2), A, X (GameCube), A, B (Xbox)
  • Pick Up Object: O (PS2), X (GameCube), B (Xbox)
  • Throw Object: Square (PS2), B (GameCube), X (Xbox)
  • Tip: Patrick's Body Slam can stun robots with a shockwave upon impact with the ground.

Sandy's Moves

  • 'Jump: 'X (PS2), A (GameCube), A (Xbox)
  • 'Double Jump: 'X, X (PS2) A, A (GameCube and Xbox)
  • 'Attack: 'Square (PS2), B (GameCube), X (Xbox)
  • Hover: X, X, Hold X (PS2), A, A, Hold A (GameCube and Xbox) 
  • Swing on Texas Hooks: O in Mid-Air (PS2), X in Mid-Air (GameCube), B in Mid-Air (Xbox)

Lasso enemies: O (PS2), X (GameCube), B (Xbox)



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