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This one's really bad! It made my eyeballs throw up.
— Bass player, "Sing a Song of Patrick"

The bass player[1], also known as Incidental CM23, is a background character who first appears in the episode "Sing a Song of Patrick."


He is an olive green fish with lighter colored lips, and tufts of brown hair on the sides of his head, and bald in the middle. He wears an orange vest, a light blue beaded necklace, and lavender sandals.

Role in series

"Sing a Song of Patrick"

He is an unnamed band member, who gets killed by singing Patrick's song.

"What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"

He is seen at New Kelp City, where he is in the crowd who listens to CheeseHead BrownPants' mayoral speech.

"The Slumber Party"

He, Incidental CM13, and the drummer perform together at a private party held at Goo Lagoon.

"Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom"

He appears backstage at Kelpy G's concert.

"Mind the Gap"

He appears as a patron at the Blow Your Top Lounge, where he listens to SpongeBob's singing.