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This is the page about the fish. For other uses, see Barry (disambiguation).

Barry Cuda is the main antagonist in the books SpongeBob Superstar and Deep-Sea Tales.


He is a fish with small sharp teeth and a beret. His dorsal fin is round shaped.


In SpongeBob Superstar, he is the director of a TV special. He makes SpongeBob his next daredevil superstar for the special. He trains SpongeBob for the act, but this makes SpongeBob ignore his friends, and when Barry calls for him, he chastises him, making Barry whip out his contract. However, Mr. Krabs declares it as illegal because Barry did not use SpongeBob's real name, and afterwards, SpongeBob apologizes to his friends.

He appears again when the story is republished in Deep Sea Tales.


  • His name is a pun on the species of fish, the Barracuda.
    • And the song of the same name by Pat Benatar.