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Barnacle loaf is a food that appears in the episode "Karate Choppers" and the book Gone Nutty!


It is a dark shade of red and light red and white on the inside. It looks like a salami sausage and can be chopped into pieces.

Role in series

"Karate Choppers"

When going to Seashell Park to get their minds off karate, SpongeBob and Sandy take the barnacle loaf they packed out of the picnic basket and start slicing the pieces to put in some burgers. However, they are reminded of karate, which SpongeBob was prohibited to perform by Mr. Krabs, and start chopping as many bits as they can. This, however, only aggravates the situation, as the way they cut is reminiscent of karate.


  • It is a parody of meatloaf.
    • Despite its name being a parody of that food, this meat does not have any relation to meatloaf appearance-wise, rather it is shown to be a kind of salami.