Barnacle Boy is Barnacle Boy from the Bikini Bottom 2 universe. He appears in the comic with the same name.


He looks identical to the main-universe Barnacle Boy, except he does not wear the mask and instead of a sailor's hat, it is a Soda Jerk hat.

Role in comic

Once SpongeBob enters the altnerate Bikini Bottom, he decides to go to Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy for help opening Evil Sandy's treedome. Once he arrives at what should be the Mermalair, he finds a restaurant called "Mermapatties," where Barnacle Boy is waiting for customers. SpongeBob thinks that Barnacle Boy is pretending to sell patties, but he says that he is not, though he wishes he was.


  • Barnacle Boy seems to hate his job, as when asked why he was "pretending" to sell food, he responds "If only I was pretending."
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