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The band is a group of fish consisting of five band members that appears in the episode "Krusty Katering."


There are five members of the band, an olive green short fish playing the trumpet, a tall peach-colored fish playing an instrument that resembles a vuvuzela with no keys, a bigger teal fish playing a saxophone, a beige fish playing an instrument that resembles a natural horn, and a lime green eel playing a clarinet. They are all wearing black suits with a red bow tie.

The teal fish is the only member to have glasses and black hair.

Role in episode

The band is seen playing at the party. Squidward notices that there is a clarinet player, and pushes him away so he could be able to play clarinet in the band and joins them. The members strongly dislike his playing and run away every time Squidward tries to get closer.
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