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The bakery cashier is a character who appears in the episodes "Overbooked" and "Biddy Sitting." She is a cashier who works at the Bikini Bottom Bakery.


The cashier is a light green fish with orange hair and reddish-pink lips. She also has olive-green spots and blue-lavender eyelids. She wears a light pink shirt with purple pants, a white crumbled up hat, and a white coat. She has an elderly appearance and a distinctive voice.

Role in series


She appears when SpongeBob goes to the bakery to buy a cake for Patrick's birthday. SpongeBob wants to buy a birthday cake, but the only cake that she has got is a cake that reads "Sorry about the Scabies." SpongeBob then buys that one.

"Biddy Sitting"

She is in a knitting circle with Norma, Gramma, and the sweet old lady. When SpongeBob and Patrick interrupt them, she notices that the two have dirt on them, and she and the other old ladies spit onto their handkerchiefs and clean them.
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