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If you were looking for the article about the event, then see Back to School with SpongeBob.

"Back to School Season" is a SpongeBob SquarePants commercial short. In this short, Nick characters talk about DRAFTFCB's plan to team up Nickelodeon and Kellogg's for Going Back to School is Tops,[8] a back to school 2007 promotion.


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Various Nick characters are shown, and some of them boast about Nickelodeon: Patrick boasts the #1 cable network 11 straight years; Mr. Blik boasts #1 entertainment brand for kids; Mr. X boasts #1 in licensed product sales; Timmy boasts the #1 website for kids; SpongeBob boasts the most watched kids' show in TV history, starring himself. SpongeBob introduces himself—first as SpongeBob SquarePants, then after a battle cry, as Sir SpongeBob—but subsequently becomes distressed about back to school season. Mr. Turner tells him that back to school is exciting—learning new things, meeting new people, and getting "cool" new stuff—and that they are going to take back to school and make it fun by teaming up Nickelodeon and Kellogg's for a "wild" back to school 2007 promotion (Going Back to School is Tops);[8] various school-related footage is shown, including captions of being tested and approved by the specialists and of expected back to school retail sales being $13 billion.

After SpongeBob doubtfully questions how they can make back to school fun, Mr. Blik has them look at the program, featuring insert offered "cool" Nick pencil toppers of them that all have color-changing hair. At Conch Street, SpongeBob tells Patrick to look at the latter's hair changing color and hands him a Patrick pencil topper with its hair changing between green and purple; he takes it and calls it awesome. As Glowface's micro air vehicle flies backwards past Mr. X's collection of Cap'n Pepe big head dolls,[10] Mr. X explains that there is also a "crazy" Nick Challenge non-insert offer event wherein kids who complete 10 "fun" activities in 1 week are rewarded with a "free" Nick DVD. Patrick asks Mr. X if they can have a contest to see who can strum their lips the longest; as Patrick demonstrates, Waffle armpit farts twice. At Tentacle Acres, SpongeBob gets to drive the school bus display and points said fact out to Patrick, who expresses astonished disbelief. From Mrs. Puff's Boating School and through Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob drives the snack school bus, proclaiming that it is going to make going to school a blast. At Patrick's rock, Patrick sleeps while SpongeBob crashes into the rock; after the crash launches SpongeBob over the rock, Patrick wakes up and calls the run nice. SpongeBob, launched in a direction near opposite that of his pineapple, lands on his pineapple using his teeth; exclaiming that this is just all too great, he says to kick it off by sliming someone. Patrick claims to love slime but that all those people might not know what slime is. SpongeBob calls Patrick's point good and says to show them. 2005-2006 Kids' Choice Awards footage is shown, and SpongeBob affirms its slime.

Now, SpongeBob suggests sliming someone "you all" (technically, a Komedy Krab audience; meta-referentially, attendees of the national sales meeting that this short was originally presented at)[3] know and love, and asks if Kevin is ready. Kevin responds in the affirmative, only to get not slimed but glittered, prompting him and SpongeBob to laugh and SpongeBob to ask whether "you" (including Incidental 4) did not think Kevin would really let them slime him. Kevin then gets slimed, and the short ends with a Kellogg's Nickelodeon Back to School showcase.



This short was for communication of why DRAFTFCB switched media for Kellogg's from Cartoon Network to Nickelodeon.[3]



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 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Do Your Thing - Felix Buxton, Simon Ratcliffe, Blue Mitchell [Plays throughout]


  • This short was presented at a national sales meeting.[3]
  • This short is available as KelloggsNickFinal.mov.[4]


  • This short (entry title "2007 Back to School Promotion") was a 2007 "Film/Video — Non-Broadcast Productions - Motivational" Silver Winner for DRAFTFCB in the 28th Annual Telly Awards.[13][3]



  • Other back to school videos include a SpongeBob SquarePants commercial from 2003,[14] a SpongeBob SquarePants event from 2012, and various YouTube videos from 2016[15] through[16] 2020.[17]
  • This short is one of the few SpongeBob SquarePants videos to target an adult audience, though (unlike the Burger King "Square Butts" advertising)[18] only for the context of its original presentation[3] rather than for its content.
  • This is the second short to sync new dialogue to "Opposite Day" animation, the first being "2000 Kids' Choice Awards short."
    • Unlike that short, this short uses multiple episodes and a guest voice actor.
    • Each of the two shorts uses different "Opposite Day" animation.
  • When "Squidville" SpongeBob points out that another SpongeBob is in the driver's seat of the snack school bus display, only one SpongeBob moves at a time, like in "The Chaperone."
  • SpongeBob drives the snack school bus display despite its realistic inability to be driven, like his driving of a rock in "Pizza Delivery."

The redesigned SpongeBob pencil topper.

Cultural references

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  • Throughout this short, various edges of the screen gain and lose inconsistent borders.
    • Some elements extend over the borders.
  • Part of the first transition leaves a small mark over the following three clips.
    • Over the first "Hall Monitor" clip, the mark switches between its original color and black.
    • Over the first "To Err is Truman" clip, the mark remains black.
    • Over the "Catscratch Theme Song" clip, the mark remains black.
  • Some elements are cut off near an edge of the screen:
    • "Power Pals!" pizza box (left edge of screen)
    • "The Bully" SpongeBob (bottom edge of screen)
    • "Clan-Destiny" Mr. Blik's arm (left edge of screen)
  • "Clan-Destiny" Mr. Blik speaks without moving his mouth.
  • In the big picture atop the snack school bus display, Waffle and Mr. Blik are missing their lower halves and Patrick is missing his back half.
    • This could be interpreted to represent the pencil toppers themselves, but the Patrick part differs from both versions of the Patrick pencil topper in division direction and shorts.
    • The Mr. Blik part resembles Major Pepperidge, only really differing in the location and nature of his two limbs.
  • The snack school bus display (including its contents) changes size.
  • The spinning two Pop-Tarts boxes's back sides lack most details.
    • The back box's is solid blue except for a female Crazy-Good Kid and two white marks.
    • The front box's is mostly white except for a Pop-Tarts logo.
  • On Kellogg's Fuel for School!, Jimmy Neutron is missing most of a hand.


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