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The baby kraken is a kraken who appears in the episode "Trident Trouble."


He is a reddish-purple kraken who has eight tentacles, all of which include mouths with sharp teeth on the tip. He has yellow eyes with eyelashes on each side of his eyes. He has a large mouth with teeth that include two extra large teeth on the bottom side.

Role in episode

He first appears at the beginning of the episode after the Greek chorus introduces King Neptune. He fights Neptune, but is quickly defeated.

He later appears after SpongeBob has control of King Neptune's trident with his mother, the kraken mother. He complains to his mother about Neptune beating him up, and then the mother roars and punches Neptune into the distance due to the latter not having his trident with him.

He lastly appears at the very end of the episode where he and his mother are chased by SpongeBob and Neptune, who are on top of a monstrous Krabby Patty.
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