The Atomic Flounder's home is the residence of the Atomic Flounder. It appears in the comic Missing Man!



It is in the shape of a bombshell which has a pale yellow sign with a blue border with the words "Atomic Flounder's Home" in red text. It has two windows, a smokestack, and a large window with an atom on it. The color of the entire house is gray and black.

Role in comic

The Atomic Flounder's home appears as the first stop when SpongeBob, Patrick and Barnacle Boy think that Mermaid Man has been kidnapped. Inside, Man Ray and the Atomic Flounder are planning a bank robbery. SpongeBob, Patrick and Barnacle Boy enter, which causes Man Ray to drop his pointer. They then search for Mermaid Man until the Atomic Flounder tells SpongeBob that he is not there.

The three then continue their search elsewhere.

Associated characters

  • Atomic Flounder - Resident
  • Man Ray - Visitor
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Invader
  • Patrick Star - Invader
  • Barnacle Boy - Invader
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