— Artist at sea, "Frankendoodle"

The artist at sea is a character who first appears in the episode "Frankendoodle."

Role in series


The artist is first seen sketching a picture out at sea at the beginning of the episode, but while he was drawing his sketch too fast, he dropped his pencil into the ocean. The French narrator mentions that he should have brought a spare pencil with him.

Later, he got it back with the help of SpongeBob and Patrick. Overjoyed to see his pencil back, he started to sketch another picture, but then his pencil lead broke and the Narrator mentioned that he should have brought a pencil sharpener with him to the ocean.

Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition

The game begins with him on a small boat drawing when he drops two pencils into the ocean. One of the pencils lands on Patrick's head and the other pencil lands a far distance behind him. Patrick recalls that the pencil can bring drawings to life, however, there is one thing he is not allowed to draw.

He sketches the forbidden drawing on the ground, trying to remember it. The drawing turns out to be DoodleBob from the SpongeBob episode, "Frankendoodle."


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