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The art restorer is a character who appears in the episode "Insecurity Guards."


She is an elderly woman with peach skin, pink lips, a light green fin, and gray hair in a bun hairstyle. She has thick goggles on her head and wears a white collared shirt with a chest pocket and a gray button, white gloves, gray pants, and black shoes.

Role in episode

As Patrick is showing SpongeBob around the Bikini Bottom Museum of Everything, they stumble upon the art restorer, who is trying to restore a priceless painting. Patrick complains that she is not doing it fast enough, and uses SpongeBob to clean the painting. However, the two accidentally wipe the painting clean, deeply shocking the art restorer.

After SpongeBob and Patrick leave, the art restorer puts the painting's frame to a wall, turning it into a window, before climbing out and running away while laughing crazily. This unintentionally gives Squidward a way to sneak into the museum and hang his painting.