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Not to be confused with Arf.

Pesky lil' critter... Bites the hand that feeds it. Impressive array of tricks: fetches sponges, chases squirrels, spontaneously combusts.
      —Police Station

Arf Dawg is a robot who appears as an enemy in the video games Battle for Bikini Bottom and Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated. It is spawned by Arf.


Arf Dawg is a dog-like robot who behaves a lot like the Bomb-Bot. It has dots for eyes, teeth, and an antenna on its head.

In Rehydrated, Arf Dawgs have green antenna tails and their dotted eyes have been replaced with a green lit eye. Both antenna and its eye will turn red whenever it's attacking.


  • Self-destruction

Role in game

Arf Dawgs are spawned in groups of three or four from Arf; since Arf only appear in the Mermalair and Kelp Forest, Arf Dawgs also only appear in those two levels. They chase after the player, and if they touch the player, they will explode.


  • Error: Despite its Most Wanted description stating that an Arf Dawg "chases squirrels," Sandy cannot encounter an Arf Dawg normally.
  • Unlike other robots, Arf Dawgs do not drop Shiny Objects, possibly to prevent players from letting an Arf spawn them infinitely for more. They share this trait with jellyfish (which are not robots).