Not to be confused with Arf Dawg.

This here's one mean varmint... Packs a .45 caliber "Kat Krusher" – most powerful doghouse made.
      —Police Station

The Arf is a robot who appears as an enemy in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom and Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated.


Arfs are large robots who are dressed like cowboys: they feature a sheriff's badge, a mustache, boots, a belt, a large cowboy hat, and a doghouse.


  • .45 caliber "Kat Krusher" (Arf Dawg spawner)

Role in game

Arfs are somewhat rare enemies that appear in the Mermalair and Kelp Forest. In combat, they are stationary, but can summon Arf Dawgs from their doghouses. Arfs can also whack the player with their doghouses if the player gets too close.

It is recommended to use the Bubble Bowl or deflect the Arf Dawgs to damage Arfs. They take three hits to destroy, making Arfs one of the most durable enemies in the game. However, the Cruise Bubble can instantly destroy them. These robots tend to amble on their own, and when provoked, they make a whistling sound. Arfs drop 80 shiny objects when destroyed.


  • Arfs are one of the few enemies in the game to have feet. Others include Monsoons (which fly rather than walk), Tar-Tars, Chomp-Bots, Robo-Sandy, and Robo-Patrick.
  • Sandy cannot encounter an Arf normally, but she has unused dialogue that she would say if she encountered an Arf. Arf also has an unused animation for being lassoed by Sandy.


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