Not to be confused with Arf Dawg.

Arf is a robot who appears as an enemy in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom.


Arf is a large robot who is dressed like a cowboy and carries a doghouse.


  • 45. Caliber "Kat Krusher" - (Arf Dawg Spawner)


Arfs are somewhat rare enemies that first appear in the Mermalair. They are stationary, but can summon Arf Dawgs from their doghouses. They can also whack the player with their doghouses if the player gets too close. It is recommended to use the Bubble Bowl, or deflect the Arf Dawgs at them. They take three hits to destroy making Arfs one of the most durable enemies in the game. However, the Cruise Bubble can instantly destroy them. They are found in the Mermalair and the Kelp Forest.


  • Sandy has unused dialogue that she would say when she encountered Arf.
    • Arf also has an unused animation for when it was lassoed by Sandy.


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