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Annoy Squidward Day is a holiday that is mentioned in the episode "Employee of the Month," as part of a joke. It is first shown on a calendar and is marked with Squidward's face.

Role in episode

It is held annually on February 15, though there is debate about this. Squidward is bothered, so when he is asked what day it is, he answers, "Annoy Squidward Day?" SpongeBob laughs and says that "Annoy Squidward Day" is on February 15th and points to the calendar. It is really the day Mr. Krabs announces the Employee of the Month Award.


  • There has been debate over whether Annoy Squidward Day takes place in January or February.
  • In SpongeBob's Truth or Square, one loading trivia question states that Annoy Squidward Day is in January 15.
    • However, the official SpongeBob Twitter account has since celebrated the day on February 15. In one close shot in "Employee of the Month", it appears as though there are only 28 days in the month that Annoy Squidward occurs in, backing up this theory.
    • However, the medium shot shows the calendar could have as many as 35 days.
    • Furthermore, the close shot contains multiple mathematical errors. Judging for Employee of the Month is seen to take place one week and a day after Annoy Squidward Day (15 days later), and yet somehow falls on the 27th (12 days later). In fact, each week jumps an incorrect number of days between rows (10, 6, and 5, respectively).
      • This would imply that the month, at most, has 22 days.
    • Finally, the empty frame SpongeBob and Squidward are hoping to see their respective portraits filled with is labeled "January." If the monthly judging is for the month prior, it can be assumed that this episode takes place in January. It's possible that the frame's label indicates the upcoming month (if, say, the judging ends at the first of the following month), in which case the episode would take place in December. If the episode takes place in February, then the judging for January's Employee of the Month would begin 27 days after the end of January.



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