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I need repair!
— Animatronic Hieronymus Glove, "Escape from Beneath Glove World"

The animatronic Hieronymus Glove is a character who appears in the episode "Escape from Beneath Glove World" as the main antagonist.


He is an animatronic version of Hieronymus Glove. He looks exactly like him except that he has robotic parts and his eyes glow red when he gets damaged and repeatedly says "I need repair!"

Role in episode

He first appears at the Glove World! theater and sings the "Gloves Song." SpongeBob and Patrick both assume that he is the true Hieronymus Glove and decide to go up to his stage and meet him themselves. Patrick shakes the robot's right hand with a strong grip and accidentally rips it off. The robot starts saying that he needs to be repaired and Patrick tries to get him to be quiet but he then accidentally rips his head off as well.

The Glove World! officers then arrive to stop Patrick from causing anymore damage. The officers explain to SpongeBob and Patrick that they just ripped the head off of an animatronic version of Hieronymus Glove and the real Hieronymus Glove had been frozen in ice years ago. The officers then take SpongeBob and Patrick to Glove World! Jail for damaging the robot.

Later in the episode, two animatronic repairmen take the damaged robot Mr. Glove to the underground robot morgue and hit his head with a wrench only to get it to stop, saying it needs to be repaired. The repairmen leave the morgue and the robot, who is now sentient, plots to get his revenge on Patrick by ripping his head off himself. He goes after SpongeBob, Patrick, and the toddler while the three of them are escaping the underground tunnels of Glove World!

He finally catches them at Sock World and gets into a fight with Patrick until the real Hieronymus Glove carries and has the animatronic shut off. The robot is later seen in the Glove World! jail with the animatronic old man at the end of the episode.

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