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The animal control officer is a fish who appears in the episode "Bunny Hunt."


The animal control officer is a large light green fish with dark green fins, brownish-purple lips, and one white pupil. He wears a gray buttoned shirt with dark gray pants and a brown belt with a gold buckle. He also wears a small dark gray hat, orange gloves, and brown shoes.

Role in episode

He first appears when he was called by Squidward to catch a sea bunny who is ravaging his garden. He managed to catch the bunny without any such difficulty until SpongeBob came and demanded him to release it. He agreed to let SpongeBob keep the bunny since it'll save him a trip to the incinerator.

He is then called again when a horde of sea bunnies ravaged Squidward's house. When Squidward started acting crazy, he attempts to calm him down by putting a straitjacket on him. Squidward kicked him in the face and the animal control gives the crazed Squidward a chase across town.


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