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The Angry Old Timer is an elderly fish. He appears in the episode "Whirly Brains," in which he steals SpongeBob and Patrick's whirly brains. As well as that, he stole a few others but SpongeBob and Patrick broke the chest which released the brains.


He is a light reddish-pink-colored fish with wrinkly arms and light red liver spots on his face. He wears green glasses, a light gray and navy blue colored watchman's uniform, and a pair of slippers. He carries a cane.

Role in episode

When the Angry Old Timer sees SpongeBob and Patrick's whirly brains flying above his property, he steals them and places them in a barrel with many other citizens' brains. SpongeBob and Patrick seek Sandy's help to retrieve them. She confronts the Angry Old Timer and returns the stolen brains to the residents of Bikini Bottom. He immediately apologizes to Sandy for his actions and breaks down in tears.

It is revealed that he only stole the whirly brains, because he was jealous and wanted to experience flight. At the end of the episode, SpongeBob and Patrick give their whirly brain propellers to the Angry Old Timer so that he can live his dream.
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