Health Inspector Yellowtail is a character who appears in the episode "The Krabby Kronicle". During the
episode Plankton, who assumes he has created the "ultimate chumstick that would run Krabs out of business," enters the chumstick to close down the Chum Bucket. Although this was do due Krabs's "editorial privilege" to change SpongeBob's stories how he sees fit. Later in the episode Plankton claims that due to his action he lost the Chum Bucket.

He also bears a striking resemblance (and may be the same) health inspector from the episode "Nasty Patty", who was sought to be the fake health inspector, and due to Krab's para

File:Yellowtail after eating the food 56.jpg

noia was believed to poisoned by the nasty patty

but was later revealed to be



Health Inspector in episode Nasty Patty

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