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And the Winner Is... is a SpongeBob SquarePants book written by Jenny Miglis and illustrated by Caleb Meurer. It was published by Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon on January 6, 2004, is based on the episode "Big Pink Loser." and has 24 pages.

In 2008, the book was re-released as part of the Nick Jr. Play to Learn series. The reprinted version was titled "Patrick the Super Star" and features two additional pages of suggestions for parents.



Patrick visits SpongeBob's house and accidentally opens the closet where SpongeBob keeps all of his trophies. Since Patrick wants a trophy himself, he copies SpongeBob.


Patrick receives a trophy in the mail and goes to show SpongeBob. SpongeBob explains that the award is for him. Patrick likes the award because it's shiny, so SpongeBob offers a shiny button from his coat closet. Patrick opens up SpongeBob's award closet by accident, and says that he wants an award. He decides to get a job at the Krusty Krab.

Patrick goes to delivers food to a customer, but slips on a puddle of water. He answers the phone, but gets confused and thinks that the customers are calling him a crusty crab. SpongeBob shows him how to open a jar, and Patrick thinks he broke it. SpongeBob congratulates him.

The next day, Patrick starts imitating SpongeBob by repeating what he says and dressing like him. SpongeBob starts imitating Patrick out of annoyance, but Patrick points out that he was never closer to an award than when he was copying SpongeBob. A delivery truck then comes and delivers an award to Patrick "for doing nothing longer than anyone else." Patrick then goes to "protect his title."


Cultural references

  • The title references the phrase of the same name, which is said by competition hosts preceding someone's name reveal.
  • Mr. Krabs appear in one page of the book where Patrick slips while giving someone's order, although Mr. Krabs does not appear in the episode.

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