Octavius rex2

Octavious Rex

are a large group of fish that have varieties of looks. Some of them appear to go to Bikini Bottom High School, where they are loved by teenage girls. Known anchovies include a handsome anchovy named Billy Fishkins, a nerdy anchovy named Brian Flounder, and a over-rated anchovy named Octavious Rex, whom Pearl once dated. They usually only say "meep", and rarely use English. Some of them are in the Jelly Spotter, where they annoy Kevin often, by saying, "Wa, Wa, WAHHHHH". They debuted in Help Wanted, where they flooded the Krusty Krab. They appear in Bikini Bottom often, as citizens, but appear in Help Wanted, and The Play's the Thing in large, ravenous groups that will stop at nothing. They are tall and skinny with large eyes, arms, and unfitting legs. A Blue on is friends with Franco, and Harold Smith. They are known to attack if not pleased. They are often background characters, but in some episodes they have more major roles. The love Krabby Patties.

Communication System


They only say "meep", but in I'm Your Biggest Fanatic are able to say other things. They are loved around the High School, but they cannot respond. They say "meep" simultaniously in a group so much it is unbearable. It is shown that some anchovies are able talk normal, as an example Mable is an anchovy who is able to talk instead of saying 'meep'.

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