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Alternate-Universe Patrick is Patrick's alternate universe counterpart who first appears in the episode "Rule of Dumb."

Relationship with main-universe Patrick

"Rule of Dumb"

Alternate-Universe Patrick looks like a monster version of Patrick, but with a unibrow, spines on his hunchback, a nose, and large-pointed bottom teeth. AU-Patrick explains to Patrick of what kind of king he has become, causing the latter to freak out at what he has turned into before he and his reflection run off.

"Roller Cowards"

Alternate-Universe Patrick calls Main-Universe Patrick a "big fat crybaby." Patrick Star responds by punching him and knocking him out without breaking the glass and says "I thought we settled this the last time!," implying that he and Patrick encountered each other before. They can reach into each other's worlds, as proven by Patrick, when he punches AU-Patrick. Patrick and AU-Patrick do not like each other very much.

"The Great Patty Caper"

When Patrick suggests that his reflection in the window looks suspicious. Afterwards, the reflection gains an annoyed expression, then walks away.

"No Pictures Please"

Alternate-Universe Patrick gives the real Patrick the idea to be a tour guide and was shown getting along with him in contrast to their previous interactions.

Role in series

His second recent appearance was in an unnamed SpongeBob comic in the Nick MagaziRene September 2009 issue. In the comic, SpongeBob and Patrick receive a treasure map from an elderly sailor. SpongeBob reminds Patrick of the curse that the sailor told them of. When SpongeBob then tells him about what the sailor said, a bubble comes up with Alternate-Universe SpongeBob, Alternate-Universe Patrick and Alternate-Universe Elderly Sailor reenacting when the sailor giving the map to them.

When Patrick denies that even happened, the Alternate-Universe Sailor slaps him and says "Sure I did! Pay attention, sonny!" Then, in the background, Alternate-Universe Patrick is laughing at him and Alternate-Universe SpongeBob is staring at SpongeBob with a blank expression.