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The alley snails are a group of snails that appear in the episode "Have You Seen This Snail?", and later in the episode-based book. They reside in alleys; hence, their name.


They are three older snails who reside in alleys. One of them is a gray snail with a light gray body and a dark gray shell with a dark blue yellow-spotted eye patch on his left eye, a sword-heart tattoo on his shell, and a ring piercing on his mouth.

Another is a pink snail with a light purple body and a dark purple shell, on which she has a bandage.

The last one is an olive green snail with a dark green shell.

They all seem to have a bit of hairs around the faces.

Role in episode

The alley snails tried to become friends with Gary, but he was scared by their intimidating appearance. However, they thought it was because Gary did not want any nachos.

Near the end of the episode, when Gary tries to escape from Granny after discovering that she eats snails, Gary runs toward the alley and pushes the green snail in the middle of the sidewalk in an attempt to avoid being eaten. Granny picks this snail up, assuming him to be Miss Tuffsy, to which the snail questions "Who?"


Ol' Snail

  • In the online game Trail of the Snail, the gray snail from the group is called "Old Snail" during level 6.
  • They are a parody of alley cats.
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